Review: Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit


Hope you all had a great New Years Eve and are feeling ready for the New Year. L and I had a night in with a Chinese, cider and films. We decided to have a chilled one as neither of us our fans of New Years Eve and had drunk a little too much on the weekend.

It was really nice to wake up today and not be hungover and feel positive for what the year brings. I’ve even been for a run today. Now I just need to keep it up. I’m so excited for this year already. I’m feeling in a much happier place with lots to look forward to including the prospect of buying a house, seeing my brother get married in Cyprus, Glastonbury with some of my closest friends and a few challenges including tough mudder and a half marathon. What plans have you got for the New Year?

Anyway onto today’s review. I’m always on the quest for perfect brows. Being pale skinned with lilac/blue/pink (it’s a mess) hair at the moment I aim for blonde brows as I think they suit me best. I always like my brows to look well defined with good shape but not too drawn on, powdery or dark for me. Two of my favourite products are BrowZings and New CID I-Groom brow pencil. I love both of these but had heard good things about the ELF brow kit and like the sound of the gel as I thought it would help soften my brows.


With ELF opening up in Cardiff I couldn’t resist a sneaky purchase. I tend to not order make up online that I’ve not been able to look at in person so had been put off until the store opened. I was a little put off by the staff as customers around me seemed to be getting more assistance than me but it did save me money as I only got what I wanted. I’m excited to go back and try the cream bronzer though.


The brow kit has a slight rubberised packaging and comes in an impressive 4 colours. It does get dirty but it is a bargain at £3.50.

I went for the shade light. I’d be keen to see ash in person as I’m not sure which would suit me more. It comes with a brown gel and a light coloured powder. It also comes with a brush which I tend to ignore in kits like these. It had a few stray hairs on it so went straight in the bin.

I was excited to try out the gel. I love that it lightly tints my brows, holds the hairs in place and adds a soft amount of colour that looks natural and not heavy. I then add a small amount of the powder to set the brows and add a bit deeper colour. 


Here are a few photos of my brows done with the elf brow kit.




The kit has really impressed me. The colour is great. It gives light brows without them looking powdery. Below you can see it next to BrowZings. The gel is a light consistency than the wax and the shadow in the ELF is lighter. I still love BrowZings and when I dye my hair on Saturday will probably end up using the gel from the ELF kit and the powder from BrowZings.


Overall I’m really impressed with my first elf purchase and will definitely be repurchasing it though I can see it lasting me a long time. 

Have you tried the Eyebrow kit? Any Elf product recommendations? Are the brushes any good?

Love M



  1. zoe louise
    January 1, 2014 / 4:33 pm

    I need to buy another one of these – I lent mine to my sister & she kept it haha. I have a few of their brushes. I'd try out the studio range as they're better quality than the cheaper ones xx

  2. Becky Powley
    January 3, 2014 / 12:41 am

    HOW have I missed the news that Elf is in Cardiff?!!B xx

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