Rimmel Scandaleyes and Scandaleyes Flex Mascara

Morning all!

I’ve got a double review/comparison review for you today. I picked up both of these Rimmel mascaras over the past few months and thought as they were the same it was easier to review them this way.

The Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara (orange packaging) was free a few months ago when you spent a certain amount on Rimmel in Boots. I picked up my usual Stay Matte Pressed Powder and probably a Kate Moss lipstick to get this as I’m a big fan of Rimmel mascaras.

I’m lucky in that my lashes are long enough as they are, but as they’re very straight I do need help with mascara to curl them and create more volume. Because of this I’ve only ever bought high street mascaras because they work well enough for me and Rimmel is my go to when I need one asap!


So let’s talk about the original Scandaleyes mascara. First off I liked that this one came in its own individual wrapping, this is great as it means nobody else has used it or tampered with it.



The orange packaging is bright and funky and easy to find in my endless make up bag!

It’s also a chunky product which I prefer, a small skinny tube isn’t as easy to grab and handle as a tube like this. The brush is pretty average looking but all the same looks like it will pick up most lashes and distribute product evenly.


I have no other make up on in these photos so please ignore my pale skin and bare brows!

Below shows my lashes with one coat of Scandaleyes:


Below shows 2 coats:


Here are my lashes from above (as you can see they are long but very straight!)


My other purchase was more recent and I picked up the new Scandaleyes Flex mascara which contains Lycra. I’m intrigued as to how Lycra can help in a mascara and change the formula enough to warrant new packaging and a relaunch etc.



The green packaging is vibrant and fits with the bright orange of the original Scandaleyes. The brush is also very similar but possibly a bit fluffier than its original which would help to distribute the product and separate lashes more completely.

The photo below shows 1 coat of the Lycra Scandaleyes Flex:



The photo above shows two coats of the mascara, you can see they are much heavier with product than the first but the lashes are still separated and well defined.

Below is a photo of my lashes from above:


As a last comparison as you look at this picture, the Lycra Scandaleyes Flex is on the left eye (my right) and the original Scandaleyes is on the right eye (my left).


There is minimal difference although possibly the original Scandaleyes brush doesn’t carry as much product in one application and so isn’t so thick on the lashes.
Both of these are great for every day use and I would definitely recommend them especially for the price!

What do you think of Rimmel mascaras? Have you tried the Scandaleyes range? Do you prefer the mascara with or without Lycra?

L xxx

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  1. Sophie Rose Hearts
    January 3, 2014 / 9:40 pm

    You have such gorgeous eyelashes! However I didn't get on with that orange version, the green one looks better!Sophierosehearts x

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