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If you’re a regular reader of our blog or our tweets then you’ll know that we are both big fans of skincare and particularly organic skincare. I’ve previously posted Antipodes Divine Oil after receiving it in the Selfridge’s Beauty Box (review here)


After seeing an offer on Naturisimo where if you bought 2 Antipodes products you received a free Hand and Body cream I couldn’t resist. I’d just almost finished the Divine Oil and knew I wanted to repurchase it so that was added to my basket straight away.

As for my other purchase…I was stumped because my initial choices were of either the Aura Manuka Honey mask which I’d heard SO MUCH about and wanted badly and the Reincarnation Facial Exfoliator. Unfortunately both of these were out of stock, at the time I’d just finished a cleanser so I snapped up the Juliet Brightening Cleanser to complete my order.


The Divine Oil is an absolute must have for me. After using it for the first time 18 months ago it has been a complete life changer and I wouldn’t be without it now.

Even the week without it between it running out and the new one arriving was torture.
I increased my water levels to flush out toxins from my body and obviously this caused my skin to break out and nothing would help it at all.



I can’t use this oil in the morning because it’s too greasy to apply to skin before make up (I only get 10 mins to sort my face in the morning) but in the night its amazing and absorption doesn’t take long at all. I’m just impatient in the mornings!

The Juliet Brightening Cleanser has been a great addition to my skincare wardrobe. It’s a brown plastic bottle which allows the product to be dispensed easily. The cleanser is a brown gel which looks a little odd initially, I wasn’t expecting it to be the same brown colour as the bottle!


You apply this to wet skin and it melts make up straight off your face. I was really surprised this was so easy and it even melted off my mascara which is pretty impressive.
Not only is it amazing at removing make up it also contains kiwi fruit and manuka honey which are both New Zealand.
Kiwi fruit contains Omega 3, Vitamins C and E and ALA – alpha-linolenic acid, which are all super products for skincare.
Manuka is anti-bacterial, anti-wrinkle and its also an astringent which means its another great ingredient in skincare products.


I’ve loved using this cleanser and would definitely buy it again.

The GWP was a Hand and Body cream called Joyful.


It’s a 120ml cream that can be used at any time of the day on hands and body. It’s suitable for most skin types and is fragrant with wild blackcurrant and also contains hibiscus flower and avocado oil.


This smells divine and doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin at all. It’s great for rough elbows and knees and I find is best applied after a bath/shower on my limbs as it sinks in and smells lush!



I have to say I was a huge fan of Antipodes having only tried one of their products. It was only a matter of time before I picked up more of them and this order was just the start of a slippery slope…..having loved them so much and ‘accidentally on purpose’ noticing that the mask and exfoliator were back in stock i swiftly placed my next order….oops!


This time I gave the free Joyful hand and body cream to my mum who was very grateful for a present from me….shame it says free gift with purchase on the box eh?!

Have you tried Antipodes? What’s your favourite product?

I would love the try the Kiwi Seed Eye Cream and either the Joyous or Apostle serums, they both sound amazing. In fact lets be honest at this rate I’m bound to be buying the entire range over the next ye

L xxx

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  1. Beauty Bird
    February 6, 2014 / 7:56 pm

    Oh wow I'm gutted I missed the Antipodes offer! I really want to try that hand cream and it was only earlier I was looking at that very same cleanser!! It sounds fab xx

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