Fitness Fridays: Smoothies!

Good afternoon lovelies!

A few weeks ago I posted about the Hip and Healthy box from Latest in Beauty which is now sadly sold out (though not surprising!). It was a lovely box  and contained not only a few beauty products but also some healthy snacks including granola, Bounce ball and a few powdered sachets.

It was the powdered sachets and the coconut water that inspired me to make my own smoothie. I rarely get to make them at the moment due to work and such a busy lifestyle at weekends but I do love getting a pile of fruit and yogurt and whizzing it all up; its such a tasty and easy way to get towards your 5 a day.

On a recent week off I got stuck into the Hip and Healthy box and decided to make myself a smoothie with the ingredients.


First of all I put the blueberries and a banana into the blender cup. I never measure these things, its always a few handfuls of this and that. If you make it too thick you can always add in some extra water or almond milk to thin it back out and if it’s too thin you can add some oats to thicken it back up. 


I just find it so much more fun to throw it all in and see what happens!

Next up I added the powders. The Organic Super Blends powder that I received was an Omega 3 one, great for your heart and blood system as well brain function.

There are lots of other blends available from their website and you should check them out!



I love that the sachets stated exactly what was inside; only 6 ingredients and free from so many things!
This would be a great addition to your smoothies or cereal every day as your body can only get essential fatty acids like Omega 3 from your diet as it can’t product them itself.

The second powder in the box was Aduna’s Baobab, a powder made from the Baobab fruit which is super rich in fibre, antioxidants and vitamins great for your metabolism, immune system and fatigue.




After adding these I poured in some of the coconut water and whizzed away!

I’ve got a handheld blender; the one below is my mum’s Braun one which just has one speed but i also have my own which has 2. Both of them are quite old so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some on the market with all the gadgets on! But these have been great and we use them regularly for soups and all sorts.


And low and behold one super easy, healthy, vitamin packed and low calorie smoothie.

I believe this comes in at less than 200 calories as I’m unsure of the calorie content of the powders so I rounded up. It’s a great snack in the morning to keep you going until lunch or a breakfast if you can stomach a liquid one! I couldn’t survive on a smoothie as its 5 hours from breakfast until my break and normally involves me running around, but on weekends I do often have them for breakfast as its a great change.



What do you think of my smoothie? Do you add additional powders for extra health benefits?

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe?

L xxx

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