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Good afternoon!

As I’ve previously mentioned I’m trying to get in some extra posts over the next few weeks about my general lifestyle changes, recipes, fitness routines and tips for weight loss and healthier ways of life. I’m planning on doing this on Fridays so will be calling it Fitness Friday….though I doubt it will always be on a Friday!

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow I thought maybe a few suggestions for the single ladies to have a girls night in…the healthy way.
Stuffing chocolate and necking wine probably isn’t going to help you in the long run….let’s face it you’re very likely to end up texting an ex or current love interest if you attack the vino too hard or single handedly scoff your weeks calories in one go making you feel worse about yourself and your relationship status.

As my friend’s ‘token single friend’ I am permanently single and Valentine’s is never a big day for me, in fact I’ve always thought it was a bit rubbish and an excuse for the card and gift companies to cash in.
To be honest I’ve no idea what my plans are as I don’t have many single friends now that they’re all getting hitched one by one BUT if i did I would definitely throw a party like this. And I just might…on my own 😉


First things first the food and drink are number one priority.

Are you a salty snack fan? Try Kale Chips. Super easy to make, salty as you like but none of the ridiculous carbs and bad fats you can get when attacking the Kettle Chips family size bag (the plain salt ones are my fave!). The link shows how to make some Asian ones with soy sauce and sesame seeds but you can make any flavour you like!

Sweet Tooth? Try having a huge bowl of different fruits cut up ready to grab and dip in yogurt and honey. Yes honey is probably not good when consumed in huge quantities but its unlikely you’ll eat as much of this as you would if you were dipping chocolate, plus its one of the most natural sweeteners. I cannot get enough of the yogurt/honey combo!

You could even pre-dip the fruit in yogurt and freeze them for your guests if you’re an organised lady and fancy a few extra cold snacks.


Looking for something more substantial? You can always try the old houmous and veggie sticks, they are always a hit everywhere I’ve been and with flavoured pots of houmous available now its a no brainer for ease too! You can get caramelised onion, sweet chilli, beetroot and moroccan with peppers.

As for drinks I recommend smoothies and juices. There are the biggest lists on the internet so I won’t even bother to attempt a recipe list as it totally depends on what you like and have available.

Juices would be great as you can always sneak a little bit of vodka or rum in if you’re that way inclined….and I definitely am. Particularly if its more like 50% alcohol. (Just don’t drive home afterwards!).


I recommend getting lots of berries, citrus fruits and some apple and cranberry juices in to help you along your way.

Now that the important things are out of the way, what on earth are you going to do with your time?

I’d recommend raiding anyones DVD collection and selecting yourself whichever types of films are your faves. Chick flicks are the easy options but I am personally a huge fan of action and superhero films so a night with Ironman, Thor, Batman and Channing Tatum in White House Down is just FINE with me.

Get your favourite face masks on the go, sit back and relax with a friends nail varnish collection and create your own little pamper parlour. I always find nights like this the time absolutely flies, you end up nattering about your latest beauty purchases, the latest guy to wander into your life and the current work gossip and I love them! There’s nothing better than a catch up with friends.

Obviously….if you really do feel like pigging out just grab the ice cream bucket, family size bags of minstrel and a few pots of pringles and live it up with Bridget Jones. You can always try and be healthy tomorrow right?

What’s your girls night in suggestions? Do you go healthy or gluttonous? Will you be taking any tips from this post for your next one?

L xxx

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  1. PWhiley94
    February 13, 2014 / 7:01 pm

    I think on a girls night you have to be unhealthy and eat loads of food! P.xxGreyWalls

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