Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you’re looking forward to your Saturday, me and M have got friends staying today and we’re so excited! We’re hoping to get a bit of shopping done before some food and then some cocktails and dancing the night away!

Ideally I’d also like to see some of the Wales v Ireland Six nations match….I’m your typical welsh girl loving the rugby and I love nights out after a match so I’m really looking forward to it.

That aside, I’ve been using another of my Christmas presents (that I bought for myself…) and have been LOVING the effects.

M has long been a big fan of Lancome mascaras and her comments eventually wore me down and I couldn’t help but pick up the Hypnose set that they had out in Boots.


The set contains a full size Hypnose mascara along with three miniatures of the Doll Eyes, Drama and Star.
I’ve heard so much about all of these mascaras, not just from M, but from many bloggers so I was really looking forward to trying these out.



Starting with the packaging I obviously love it. Black and gold simple tubes with the Lancome flower at the top next to the name of each mascara.
I love simplicity so this ticks all the boxes for me although the Hypnose mascara does have a slightly curvier shape than the three miniatures and I still love these.



The Hypnose mascara brush looks pretty normal to be honest and I didn’t expect much from it. I do think that some fancy brushes are far too over the top and don’t provide anything different to a simple brush but I did think it might have looked a bit more….special? I don’t know, looking at the above photo it doesn’t look very different to any Rimmel or Collection mascara that are obviously much cheaper and so I didn’t expect a lot even after the reviews I’ve read.

I’ve mentioned before how I am lucky with my lashes, they are long and thick but generally straight as they REFUSE to curl. Whatever I do (even heated curlers) they don’t stay curled at all. I’ve been tempted to have them professionally done but haven’t ever got round to it, any one who has had this done please get in touch!

Because of this I don’t find that I need expensive mascaras as I don’t generally need the additional length or volume.


Having used this mascara only a few times I was quite honestly surprised and amazed at how much I loved it. It separated my lashes super easily, lengthened them and even, dare I say it, made them appear to be more curled.

You can see from the photos below how my lashes looked after applying just ONE coat of the Hypnose mascara:




I am such a convert to this mascara now I’m finding it hard to leave it alone!

I loved the results and with just one coat for application  that doesn’t clump and gives amazing results means that the mascara will also last a bit longer.

I am yet to try the miniatures from the collection (Drama, Doll Eyes and Star) as I’ve been saving them for when the original Hypnose runs out, but I’ve got high hopes if they’re as good as the first one I’ve tried!


Have you tried any Lancome mascaras before? Which are your favourites?
Do you have a favourite ‘premium beauty’ mascara? If so which one?

I’m intrigued to know which other mascaras can be as good as this!

L xxx

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