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Morning all

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine didn’t go to plan with illness still hanging around but it turned out to be a great one. Sometimes lazy ones catching up with people are needed. I spent Friday night at the cinema (if you get a chance go see the Monuments Men. It was awesome!) Then after a lazy morning I finally tried to get over my mixing sweet and savoury foods and tried maple bacon pancakes on Saturday morning (mainly as it’s a new food to cross off my list!) I was converted. The first mouthful was weird then it was good!! Saturday evening was spent with my housemate having a girlie evening and Sunday was a blogging, gym, coffee with friends and uni work! 

Anyway onto today’s post. When I went to America 18 months ago I picked myself up Naked 2. After telling myself for months it wasn’t needed and MUA was just as good and the price wasn’t worth it. When I caved I realised how wrong I was! I’ve debated for a while whether or not to post about. It’s been mentioned in posts but I’ve never reviewed it. But after recently picking up Naked 3 I decided to share my thoughts on Naked 2.


Since I got it 18 months ago I think it’s probably been used 5 out 7 days every week. I’ve hit pan on 3 shadows and 4 others have sizeable dents! It’s such an easy palette to use for everyday or for going out.

Firstly packaging. It’s beautiful. The metal casing has lasted pretty well. This goes everywhere with me whenever I go away and apart from it few scrathes it’s lasting really well. It comes with a great double ended brush that has a blending and shadow brush (which I also use as a liner brush!). The brush is super soft and doesn’t shed and is still going strong.


For me there was no contest between Naked and Naked 2. I’m definitely a Naked 2 girl. I think the tones in Naked are too warm for me. Although there are a few I would love.

For a while I was drawn to bootycall and tease and would wear them everyday as they were so easy to wear without having to think. After hitting pan on bootycall I made myself use other colours. I really like foxy now and it creates the perfect base. With my blue eyes I love to wear bronzes and golds as it brings out the blue in them. So half bakes blended out with busted has been a firm favourite too.


The quality of the shadows are amazing. Some do give slight fall out but nothing major. I love the palette contains a matte black. For me this is an essential shadow. I always need a matte black in my collection and this is one with an amazing pigmentation.

Tease is the ultimate crease colour, the perfect matte mid brown. I would be lost without this shadow. It’s got so much use. It blends out easily and has a good pigmentation.

YDK is a gorgeous shimmer colour. I love this lately for lazy day make up. I sweep this over the lid and under the lower lashes add mascara and my eyes are done.

When we went to the UD showcase we were shown Eden primer. I used to swear by using UD primer potion everyday but I got lazy. Eden is absolutely amazing and after being reminded the difference it makes I have to start using it again.


From L-R without primer then with Tease, YDK, Half Baked, Blackout.

Here is a post using it to make a gold make up look.

and here is my go to look using tease in the crease.

Now I just need to start using some of the middle colours more. Do you have any of the Naked palettes? I now have Naked 3. The sparkle made me by it!

Love M


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  1. Essjay23x
    February 18, 2014 / 2:08 pm

    I now want Naked two badly. Your gold eye make up is right up my street xx

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