NSpa Hot Cloth Polish Cleanser

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Hope you are having a great Sunday. Mine has been super busy. I spent the weekend with my family and got the first train back this morning to go to a new gym class I’m really liking. Now I’ve quickly rushed home to shower and wash my hair before watching the ice hockey tonight.

Today we are sharing our thoughts on a Hot Cloth Polish we were lucky enough to have in our goody bags from the Bristol blogger meet last year.


We’ve both been huge fans of hot cloth polish cleansers since we first tried the legendary Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. Since falling in love with it I have been hunting down a cheaper alternative as it is a little pricey. I have done a save, spend, splurge on hot cloth cleansers you can see here.

I was excited to try the NSpa offering as it’s available easily in stores such as Asda and very reasonably priced.


The cleanser has a similar consistency to the others I’ve tried and sinks into the face well when applied. It melts away my foundation and eye make up easily without irritating my eyes or leaving them sore. The cloth that comes with the set is a reasonable one. I have noticed the muslim cloths that come with the cheaper alternatives to Liz Earle aren’t quite as good. 


It has a really neutral scent which I love as it’s not overpowering or anything I dislike. I really can’t find anything I dislike about it. It comes with a pump so is easily dispensed. It comes with a cloth so if you are new to hot cloth polishes it’s a great one to try. My make up melts away and my skin is left feeling soft and clean without feeling tight. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and smells good.

All round it’s a great cleanser and since discovering this and the along came betty one mentioned in the link above I’ve not felt the need to repurchase Liz Earle. For me which I buy depends on the supermarket I’m in!

I do love finding a great cheaper alternative!

Love M



I feel exactly the same as M, since trying Liz Earle I’ve been a convert to a proper cleanse with a cleanse and polish type cleanser that melts make up and cleanses and exfoliates your skin.

This cleanser is exactly the same as Liz Earle, a thick white cream dispensed out of a pump and applied straight to a dry face and washed off with a muslin cloth.

The cloth provided with this cleanser is fine, but I do prefer the Liz Earle ones as they feel thicker and I think they will last longer but nevertheless its a great starting point to try them out.


This melted my make up just as easily as Liz Earle has done and my skin felt clean and make up free after use. The cloth didn’t feel as exfoliating as the Liz Earle ones but thats easily rectified as I have so many of them already.

At the moment I tend to use proper eye make up remover anyway to remove all traces of mascara etc as my eyes are sensitive and I don’t want to spend ages rubbing away at them. This does remove it very well but there’s always some left which isn’t surprising to me as my lashes as really close together and hold make up for ages!

I’d definitely repurchase this especially as its so easy to get hold of during your weekly shop and much cheaper than the original. I’d recommend it if you’ve never tried a hot cloth cleanser before and wanted to give one a whirl and it really is just as good as the more expensive Liz Earle.

Have you tried this cleanser? Which other NSpa products have you tried?

L xxx

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  1. Rosie
    February 3, 2014 / 9:32 am

    I love this cleanser, it smells so nice as well. I had it in one of their beauty box's from ASDA and it came with a melting cleansing gel, illuminating beauty serum and a moisturiser all of which I love. Rosie x | http://www.eatreadglam.com

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