Origins Best Brighteners

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I’m sure everyone knows by now but Origins are one of our favourite brands here at CSI and normally when purchasing something from them you can get a few sample size products to try.

Over Christmas when I bought a few things from John Lewis they were giving away miniature sets and so I chose the Best Brighteners set. There were a few on offer but I hadn’t used the products in this set so I chose the brighteners.



I love all of the sets that Origins do but the packaging is always really cute and this one is no exception.

This set contains Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser, Skin Tone Correcting Serum and GinZing Eye Cream.



I’ve got so much love for their serums, they are so absorbent into my skin and leave it feeling so much more hydrated without overloading it at all.
I’d never tried this particular one before but it was really lovely and I would happily buy it in full size if it wasn’t so expensive. That’s my only problem with the serums from Origins, they’re so pricey and although they do really work I just cannot justify it at the moment.

I can’t really comment on its skin tone correcting properties due to it only being a 7ml sample but it was super hydrating and was a joy to use.


The cleanser was also a really lovely treat and it has now been moved to my gym bag so that I have a really nice cleanser for whenever I’ve done a good workout!
It’s a thick white cleanser that feels really hydrating on your skin. It doesn’t foam but turns to a white milk kind of consistency that make up then dissolves in. It feels really thick and luxurious and worked really well at getting my make up off. I can’t say that it was particularly illuminating but my skin felt really clean and was a little brighter after use. I’d definitely buy this in the future as it felt so much of a treat.


The GinZing eye cream is a favourite product of mine and I have previously written about it here.

In short its hydrating, luminating and depuffing which is everything you could want in an eye cream really!

I love getting the opportunity to try products like this, this set was free with some purchases and it has been a great way to try products that I might not have bought otherwise. I now know that the serum is something I would love to purchase in the future (when I’m not poor!)

What’s your favourite Origins product? Have you found a new favourite by trialling something that was free?

L xxx

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