What’s In My Bag Valentines/Night Out Edition

Morning All

My cough is still trying to defeat me so the post I had planned to do will have to wait! As Valentine’s day is here on Friday I thought I’d share what I’d take out on a date with me. It’s pretty much the same as I’d take out on a night out.

This year I’m technically single. I’m seeing someone but it’s complicated (that’s a whole other blog post ;)!) so my Valentines is likely to be a girly night in with my housemates. Not that I mind, it’s easier! 

I do still like Valentine’s day I think if you are in a relationship it is nice to celebrate that and if you aren’t it’s a good excuse for a girly night. 


For me whether it’s for a date or a night out the smaller the bag the better (this only applies if I can actually walk in the shoe of choice otherwise the bag has to have space for flats!). I like to be able to just forget I have it which is why this Ollie & Nic one appeals to me. A purse and bag in one with space for the essentials that I can put over my wrist! It really ticks all the boxes. The gorgeous bright pink and the floral inside print just make it even better. The purse is also only £15!


In the main pocket there is space for cards and cash which make it easy to find and I like that it’s not just floating in the bottom.

In the front pocket I keep a powder. A shiny face is never a good look! I love the vintage powder holder I have. My mum picked it up from eBay. I just pop the middle out of the powder I’m using at the time. Some are easier than others!


I usually carry a hairbrush .Not only does it double for a mirror (the one in my powder compact is usually so dirty I can’t see my face) but it’s handy for this horrible whether. Windswept and fabulous is not something my hair does! 

Mints are a must for me. Extra strong are the preferred. No one wants smelly breath and I always seem to order a massively garlic dish and forget when I’m on a date.


Nars concealer is something I can’t be without at the moment. It’s amazing. Creamy, great coverage and perfect for any touch ups that may be needed. Or in my case lately to cover up a pesky spot that’s decided to appear.

I always like to carry a perfume on me to make sure I’m smelling pretty. The Ted Baker one is one I recently got sent to test and I’m loving. Perfect handbag size, lasts well, reasonable price and smells pretty! They can be purchased from Boots for £15


Lastly lip product of choice! A night out would probably be a lipstick but if I was going out on Valentine’s I’d be picking this lip gloss because of the name! Beso which means kiss in Spanish. I was lucky enough to be given it after an Urban Decay event and have been wearing it non stop since the weekend. Non Sticky (perfect for kissing, no guys wants sticky lip gloss), subtle colour that just makes me lips look better and moisturising! The perfect valentine’s lip choice! They are available now for £14

What essentials would you take on a date or night out?

Love M



this post contains PR samples but opinions are always honest!

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