American Dreaming!

Hi lovelies!

A quick post ofr you today, mainly a few snaps!
I have a friend in America who I met when I went there a few years ago for uni for a couple of months. It was an amazing experience and she also came over to Britain to do her Masters too so that was fun. We often send each other things every couple of months to try and get our favourite things from each others countries which is obviously very handy for blogging!

I sent her over a few things such as face wash, Girls Aloud Eylure lashes, Rimmel mascaras and of course………..Cadbury’s chocolate!

This was what I received:



Look at all that bad food!!!!

I went to M’s the other night for food ( a LUSH healthy fish stew yummm!) and we finished the evening by eating some Pop Tarts. I’d never tried them before and can’t say i would again….the fudge flavour is nothing like fudge whatsoever! I think I’ve just weaned myself off sugar and this doesn’t taste right anymore!

The Oreos i plan on eating with some amazing peanut butter though as I hear its the way the Americans do it….and it would be rude not to!


As far as products are concerned she sent my favourite face scrub from a Neutrogena range that we don’t have here, two Essie polishes I asked for and China Glaze Christmas 2013 set. So much glitter!



I always love seeing the names of the polishes in these sets! I can’t wait to get them on my nails even though its nowhere near Christmas anymore, glitter isn’t just for the festive season you know!


This face scrub is one of my uber faves and I’m gutted we can’t get our hands on it over here. The rice protein really does absorb oil for hours on end and when I was there i didn’t even wear make up because my skin cleared up with the help of the sun and this beauty!


The Essie polishes were Leading Lady and Stylenomics. LL was a limited edition polish for us Brits last year and i was so gutted i didn’t get a full size one but found on the american website that they were still selling it! I was very pleased as you can imagine!
Stylenomics is a gorgeous dark green that I cannot wait to wear, it’s a classic colour that should go with a lot of things now and in future.


Are you as lucky as me and have a contact in the US who can send you things? She’s sent me EOS balls and many other things and I’m hoping it will continue for a few years to come!

What would you choose for them to send you? I’d love to go back over there and have a spree! I’d hate to think how much I’d spend!

L xxx


  1. RICO and TINE
    March 8, 2014 / 10:48 am

    Such a nice idea to swap things 🙂 I love the Essie polishes, especially Stylenomics, it's gorgeous! Que the stupid question, but can you not get Cadbury's in the US?! I suppose they have much better stuff haha xxVicki x

  2. Beauty Bird
    March 9, 2014 / 10:06 am

    Love that China Glaze set! xx

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