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Morning All

L and I are probably very hungover!! We were out last night to celebrate her birthday! One thing that is essential for our nights is a good tan! We are both naturally pale so tanning for a night out usually begins a week prior with prepping the skin and getting a base colour from Dove!

We are always after the next amazing tan (I think the hunt is the same as foundation. You always think there is better!), the one to give you an amazing colour, no streaks, develops in one coat, no smell and fades easily. It’s a lot to ask for in a tan.

After both hearing loads of amazing things about Cocoa Brown we decided we had to get our hands on it so headed to Primark where I’m sure it was £6. The price does seem to vary a bit in different shops.

Cocoa Brown tan is a mousse formula so it’s easy to apply to the skin without streaking and dries quickly so you don’t have to wait around feeling sticky!



It’s also paraben free which is a big thing for L and I.

It does claim to have a Tahitian Gardinia Scent and when applied it smells fresh on the skin and not like fake tan. As it develops though and is washed off I do notice a slight fake tan smell. Not as bad as some but it is definitely there.

One thing that got our attention was the fact it is a 1 hour tan. Anything that can give a glow after an hour sounds amazing to me. In the pictures below you can see the tan line from where I’ve applied it. The colour here is after an hour. The first photo is without flash (this doesn’t show the difference very well!) the second with. After an hour a soft glow is there. For me I found it isn’t enough of a colour for my preference so I prefer to apply the tan the night before or first thing in the morning.



Once developed fully it gives a gorgeous brown colour. Not at all orange. One of my favourite things about the tan is how well it fades. It fades without patchiness on me and doesn’t leave marks behind. It just seems to naturally disappear!

I do really like the colour this gives on my skin but I do find it needs longer to develop. It does give a colour after an hour but if I needed a tan that instantly I would prefer to use instant. It gives a great colour that fades naturally and is a great price!

Have you tried Cocoa Brown?

Love M



Hi all!

As M has mentioned already….I’m probably an absolute state as you read this! It’s my birthday on Wednesday and we’re going out for a *few* cocktails. Not only that but were planning on an early morning run too (9am) as we’re in training and that doesn’t stop for anything!

We definitely are both massive fans of the tan but being so pale we do need one that really works. I’ve applied many famous tans previously and found they did absolutely nothing for my skin whatsoever. Cheap ones can go green and lets not even go there with the streaks. It is an endless hunt for the perfect tan!

Using Cocoa Brown for the last couple of weeks I’ve been quite impressed. I’m a fan of the mousse application and the pink bottle is so pretty on my desk and makes me think of summer, ideal when you’re trying to be bronzed!


I found application quite easy due to the brown colour of the product and the smell was nice and floral without being overwhelming. I always use a mitt to apply my tan and this mousse went on quite easily though there were a few patches where I missed as the tan didn’t go as far as I thought it would. This did mean I used more but hey, it’s £6 a bottle I’m sure I can cope.

I liked the fact it was coloured as it meant I already had a ‘glow’ after application. 1 hour after application I was definitely slightly darker in skin tone but it most definitely continued to deepen over time and for me I don’t think 1 hour would have been enough.

By the time I woke up the next day I had a nice, relatively even tan and would definitely buy this again as it was easy to use and works well. I’d need to leave it longer than 1 hour and definitely would reapply for a weekend like this weekend. I just need to have a personal tanner at all times!

One of the best things about this tan was how easily it faded. I’m not one to constantly scrub and moiturise AFTER the tan has been applied so normally end up with some lovely scaly patches if I’m not reapplying for the next weekend. But this one surprised me as it wore off throughout the week really well and i didn’t look scaly at all! Hands down the best tanning product for the wearing off stage that I have EVER tried.

Have you tried Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan? What did you think of the colour?

L xxx

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  1. PWhiley94
    March 23, 2014 / 9:35 am

    A few of my friends are obsessed with this tan at the moment. I love how fast the colour develops, the easy fading and the price tag. Great review girls!P.xxGreyWalls 

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