Fitness Fridays: Top Tips for Changing your Diet into a Lifestyle (2)

Another post for ‘Fitness Friday’s, I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as me! I’m heading to body pump tomorrow morning which I’m really looking forward to after missing it for almost 4 weeks!
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As mentioned previously, I’m no fitness coach or nutritionist but I’ve found these tips and small changes have helped me, and maybe they’ll help you too 🙂

6) Liquids – water is the best liquid you could need because it hydrates you, flushes out toxins and is a vital component in our bodies needs. 2L is the best amount and more if you’ve exercised that day. I now take a bottle to work with me and keep it on my desk and drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon to know that I’ve consumed 1400ml and then I get the rest from peppermint tea or at home after work. My trainer told me that for every tea/coffee you need a cup of water to hydrate yourself again which was scary at the time but herbal teas don’t require this so I’ve swapped a few round.
Generally though just avoid the fizzy sugary drinks of any kind. Normal ones contain tonnes of sugar, diet ones contain chemicals that are just as bad. It frustrates me when people work hard at the gym to then drink Coke or Fanta, what is the point?!

7) Swap your carbs. Perfectly simple, swap your white carbs for brown ones. Brown rice, wholewheat pasta, granary and wholemeal bread. Easy to do, tastes minimally different but will save you a whole load of chemical refining and you’ll feel fuller for longer as it takes your body longer to digest. I try and minimise the amount of bread I eat too as the yeast makes you bloat out, swap toast for porridge for your breakfast if your having sandwiches for lunch so you’re not having too much.

8) Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Shopping for food whilst you’re hungry will result in you buying twice as much and more of the bad stuff, trust me I’ve done it plenty of times in uni and regretted it! All of the healthy stuff went off and had to be thrown out and so I’d wasted money and eaten rubbish.

9) Make sure your plate is as colourful as possible. The bigger the variation in colour of veg on your plate will give you a bigger range of nutrients and you’ll be more likely to eat it. Try adding carrots, red peppers, spinach, beetroot etc etc to a meal to vary the colour and avoid having brown coloured foods on your plate as they’re usually processed crap (apart from those complex carbs I mentioned before!

10) Sign yourself up for challenges. One of my new favourite website is 30 Day Fitness Challenges which have all kinds of challenges such as squats, arms, abs, little black dress and beach body ones. Each day you follow their set plans and you will see differences. I’ve signed up to a load of them and will probably feature them in a post soon as I’ve been loving their workouts!
If you’re looking for something different why not volunteer for a charity run as there’s plenty of 5k, 10k runs leading to half and full marathons.
I’ve never done any of them and decided that I’d just go for it and signed up for Tough Mudder which is a 12 mile assault course involving mud, ice baths, climbing, fire and electrocution. go hard or go home right?? I’m really looking forward to it as it should be fun but it’s also pushing me to go to the gym every week and work harder than I have before.

I hope that some of these can help you to change your diet and ultimately lifestyle slowly. It takes a long time and a lot of commitment but if you really want something you’ll get it if you’re prepared to work for it!

I’m still training for tough mudder which is in 6 months now. My fitness and weights have been going really well but my running has been awful because of the weather. In a few weeks the evenings will be light enough for me to run after work so I’m hoping that I can just go for it then and fingers crossed it won’t seem like such a mammoth task!

What would your top tips be? Have you singed up to any challenges?

L xxx

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