Origins Morning to Midnight Set

Morning chums!

For Christmas I bought myself a lot of goodies in the sales and pre Christmas deals. One of those things was the Morning to Midnight set from Origins that the lovely lady in store told me I couldn’t leave without….so I didn’t.



It was a gorgeous set of 4 products in really cute boxes that my mum now has proudly in the spare room housing crafty bits; she’s happy so I’m happy!



I’ve previously posted about Ginzing Eye Cream and the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask so I’ll concentrate on the other two new products (to me) which are the Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser and the High Potency Night-A-Mins mineral enriched renewal cream. Cue some fancy photos:



The High Potency Night A Mins (HP as it will now be called because I cannot type that out every time!) is a seriously thick night cream that comes in one of the standard Origins pots as shown below:



I’d heard some rave reviews about this but before I didn’t think my skin needed such a thick and hydrating cream. Boy oh boy was I wrong. My skin is obviously at the stage of needing some serious moisture pumped into it, I’m clearly starting to get to that age where the wrinkles will start and my skin look pretty drab. Hopefully by using this beauty it will slow down considerably now that its getting so much hydration and vitamins/minerals galore.

This smells absolutely divine like most Origins products and I can see myself repurchasing this in future because of the wonderful effects and no negative effects. My t-zone hasn’t been overloaded at all and although that wouldn’t affect much as its an overnight cream i still don’t want to knock the balance out.

Thumbs up from me!


Ginzing is no different in the smell stakes – it’s absolutely gorgeous and a really light white gel cream that sinks into skin almost instantly.
It’s so light and hydrating which I think is the key to an energy boosting and brightening moisturiser, I feel it allows the skin’s natural glow to shine through which is vital in making yourself look younger….right?



I do generally like the whole Ginzing range and am already a fan of the eye cream. The packaging is also a happy and brightening colour too which also helps.

I’d happily buy all of these items again in future, have you tried any of them?
Which was your favourite?

I love picking up these sets, such a great opportunity to try new products and they’re always at a discounted price! What’s not to love!

L xxx

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  1. Holly
    March 6, 2014 / 11:25 pm

    I really want to try the Ginzing moisturiser, I've been lusting over it for ages! I'm going shopping in Glasgow in a few days time so maybe I will buy it then.Holly | hollylikestoblog

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