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I’m sure everyone knows about Real Techniques brushes, collections and sets and we are definitely huge fans of everything we have ever tried, and not to mention their customer service is phenomenal.

This set is called Sam’s Picks:




It contains three different types of brushes, who’s colours match the general colour coded scheme of Real Techniques brushes
Pink – Finish
Orange – Base
Purple – Eyes


This set is a combination of the three different types of brushes. I already own three of these brushes and absolutely love 2 of them (buffing brush and setting brush). The third (pointed foundation brush) I don’t find as useful for me as the buffing brush covers everything I need during my 6am morning rush!

I’m always excited to try new face brushes and set with a bit of everything is a bonus.



I’ve separated the brushes into colour groups to make it easier.
But firstly….how much do you love the packaging?? The foam casing was so lovely and sturdy let alone beautifully coloured with a gradient it was hard to throw it out (seriously). 


First up are the Finish brushes; the multi task brush and the setting brush.
The setting brush is great for me in the morning when I’ve applied my base and concealer and need some powder to set it. I find my under eye area creases easily so it needs some extra attention. The setting brush is perfect for this! It’s so soft and fluffy that its perfect for the eye area.


The multi task brush is one of my new favourites. I tend to use it as a powder brush to set my make up in the morning, but its smaller than the RT powder brush and could be used for many things including blusher, bronzer and highlighter. It’s the ultimate brush for a powder product and if you couldn’t afford blusher and powder brushes, this is the one you should choose!

The buffing brush has been raved about by almost everyone and both me and M ar eno exception. It is both a massive inconvenience yet a brilliant business plan that it can only be found in collections and not to buy individually. In short, they must be raking it in and I am unsurprisingly the owner of  a great ‘set’ of brushes that i didn’t know I needed!


I won’t waffle on about it too much as we’ve previously posted about the Core Collection here, but basically if a collection has got this in, it’s a winner! Snap it up and bathe in its glory, your face will thank you for it.

The pointed foundation brush is definitely for someone who is a little more skilled and patient in the face department. I cannot be bothered in the morning to do more than apply my foundation with the buffing brush as it just works so easily at getting every bit of product evenly on my face. But if you are patient this brush is ideal for applying product around your nose and eye area as it is tapered especially.


The essential crease brush (shown below) was a welcome addition to my eyeshadow brush collection. Truth is, seeing as I’ve got the eye brush set from RT I wasn’t sure I needed more (apart from another set out of laziness with washing) but I can assure I did and was proved wrong again.
I went looking for this brush specifically the other day and couldnt find it due to it blending in so seamlessly with the rest of the eyeshadow set that I had to look up the names to be sure!


It definitely suits its name and I use it to apply a darker shade to my eye every morning and I;m not sure how i managed to cope before owning it! So soft, fluffy and gentle on the eyes as well.

The fine liner brush has come in handy many a time I’ve attempted to line my eyes at 6am. It’s not an easy task whilst you’re still half asleep, trying to drink your tea, eat your porridge and put your socks on all at once. This beauty does help very much and fine lines is what you will get with it.
The only downside to this one is that it needs washing ASAP after using it as any product seems to dry out and make it hard which isn’t nice to use on the eye area one little bit.


So there we have a quick run down of Sam’s Picks, and i have to agree she made some pretty good choices! The only one that I wouldn’t use is probably the pointed foundation brush and that’s probably because I’m utterly clueless how to use it and not very patient either.

You can pick up this set for £29.99. I was lucky enough to get mine whilst it was on sale over the festive period and it was down to £20. A quick google search tells me it’s still available on Escentual for £24.50 so pop on over, I didn’t realise but it seems this set is limited edition too and is sold out everywhere else!

What do you think of the set as a whole? Do you have a particular favourite? What do you hope they bring out next??

L xxx

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  1. PWhiley94
    March 21, 2014 / 9:50 am

    I love the Real Technique brushes, this set looks great for anyone starting out on make-up and wanting to grow their collection. I love the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blusher Brush.P.xxGreyWalls

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