Save, Spend, Splurge: Facial Exfoliators

Morning lovelies!

M has written a fair few ‘Save, Spend, Splurge’ posts previously and I had these three facial exfoliators that I just had to compare. All are very similar but differ in price….are they worth it?


Soap and Glory’s Greatest Scrub of All – £9 125ml

Antipodes Reincarnation – £20.99 75ml

Origins Modern Friction – £33 125ml


S&G’s Greatest Scrub of All contains smooth boost spheres that ‘pop open’ when you press them. These are made from silicon and contain salicylic acid when you pop them so it’s like your own DIY microdermabrasion.

It’s a white cream with what feels like a powder the consistency of sugar granules in. It feels rough on your hands but not on your skin especially when it was wet, makes it a lot easier to exfoliate your face without anything too harsh.


I quite liked this, especially for the price. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell and my skin did feel like it had been scrubbed (in a good way) and felt clean and free of oil, dirt and residues.
The packaging is cute, witty and easy to like, plus its dermo tested and from the UK. There’s not a lot to dislike in this product!

Next up is Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator.

This packaging is totally different; its a very grown up cream tube made from recycled materials and has a black lid. It’s a whole lot more grown up and kinder to the environment.


The scrub itself is cream coloured and contains the tiniest particles I’ve ever used in a scrub. They’re actually jojoba beads and the other main products in this exfoliator are all natural including avocado oil, calendula oil and carrot seed.

Again this is applied to damp skin and my skin feels cleansed and my newer cells shining through after the duller older ones have been removed. You can barely feel the particles sloughing off dead skin which is really good especially for sensitive skin.


Lastly we have Origins’ Modern Friction, which is self titled as ‘Nature’s gentle dermabrasion’.

I have to agree as this is the first product I bought from the three shown in this post. It’s again a thick white cream containing Rice Starch to slough away the lifeless skin and Lemon Oil to aid illumination.

This can be used on wet or dry skin; dry skin for a more concentrated scrub and wet skin for those who are more sensitive. The scrub doesn’t feel rough on your skin even when used on dry skin and not only does the skin feel smoother it looks visibly more uniform.



It was a hard task to decide which of these i preferred more. When looking at the figures and sizes of the products, the Antipodes Reincarnation exfoliator was actually more expensive as the original price was for a 75ml tube and not the 125ml that the others were. It actually works out at £34 for 125ml so is pretty much the same as Origins.

It’s a hard choice but I think that with skincare it always ends up being the most expensive that wins out. I do think skincare is worth splashing out on, and Im yet to find a product from Antipodes or Origins that I haven’t liked, hasn’t been worth the money, and hasn’t lasted considerably longer than other products that are cheaper.

S&G is a great scrub and I will continue to beg my mum for the sets at Christmas…..but I think in this case the Save option has been beaten by the Splurge options.


Do you think skincare is worth spending on? Or are you not bothered and would prefer to save your money for shoes?

Have you tried any of these exfoliators? Which one did you prefer?

L xxx

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  1. Beauty Bird
    March 13, 2014 / 7:24 pm

    I definitely like to invest in my skincare and I'd probably gravitate towards the high end ones too. I can't imagine disliking anything from Antipodes! xx

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