Book Review: A Song Of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin

Morning All

Hump day is here already. I love Wednesday’s as it’s my mega gym day and I always feel strong after it.

I’ve done a few book review posts now so thought it was about time I shared my current addiction. I’m a huge fan of reading. I love getting lost in a book and this year I seem to have gotten back into reading and finding the time again. (Goodbye reading the metro daily hello books!).


I thought I’d talk about the first 3 books in The Song of Ice and Fire series as I’ve currently just started the fourth. The first 3 are a Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords.

I feel I should start by saying if you asked me my preferred reading genre 100% it would be chrime thiller, second to that chick lit and thirdly classics (mainly as I want to read them more lately!). On multiple occasions I was told to watch Game of Thrones. I refused point blank for ages. I would go as far to say I hate Lord of the Rings (I am now determined to read the hobbit!) And I thought Game of Thrones would be alone those lines amd I wasn’t interested.  If I watch or read fantasy it’s more teen things like Harry Potter,  Twilight and Hunger Games.


In February I was finally persuaded to give it a go and agreed to try watching and reading it. I had already set myself up not to like it as everyone said it was good but a really hard read and complicating as there are lots of characters and it goes between them all. For me I watched two episodes of the first series then started reading the books. I think watching a few episodes first really helped me to have the characters in my head and understand the relationships linking everyone before I got stuck into the book. (One helpful thing is at the back of the books there are character lists and family tree type information).

It’s been 9 weeks since I watched the first two episodes and I can honestly say a book has never gripped me so much yet taken me sooooooo long to read. If I love a book it’s not unknown for it to take me 2 days to finish it. I’m a fast reader and probably scan read a lot. With A Song of Ice and Fire you can’t do that as you’ll miss things so I pove that it’s got me reading properly again.


For two solid months I’ve read everyday except for two (I was horrifically hungover!) and I’m still hooked and not bored of it yet. I always want to read more. There are a few characters I don’t enjoy so when I have their chapters ( the book is set into chapters where a chapter is a different characters story! Probably should have mentioned that sooner!) I am a bit slower reading them.

The books are long but don’t let that put off. They are a great read. From someone who doesn’t usually like the fantasy fiction genre I’m hooked.

I will give one bit of advice that was given to me. Don’t love any characters George Martin is fond of killing them. It’s great for keeping you on your toes and the end if every book has you reaching the next. I’ve been so gobsmacked sometimes I’ve text L in disbelief!

Have you read any of the books or watched the tv show? Even if it’s not your thing seriously give it a go. But be prepared to lose a good few months to these books!

love M


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