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I thought I’d start today’s Fitness Friday off with my own personal fitness review. A few weeks ago i attended a session with my trainer and I’d been working so hard to get a few pounds off. 

If you’ve never read a fitness post of mine before then let me fill you in. I’m 5ft 9 so quite tall for a female and a few years ago I weighed a little more than I do now. A few years of uni binge drinking and late night take aways meant I’d piled on about 14-20 lbs (I’m unsure exactly as I’ve never been someone who weighed herself).

Due to stress i found myself feeling ill after every meal and kept getting stomach cramps so I ended up changing my diet completely cutting out crap food, dairy and bread, and citrus fruits as they were too acidic for me. I lost 17lbs and ever since have been OBSESSED with food in a good way and I absolutely love going to the gym, planning my meals, and generally eating as who doesn’t love that?


Obviously i love a binge like everyone else but I’ve totally changed my lifestyle over time and now i don’t crave bad food unless I’m hungover, I combat stress with exercise and I’m generally enthusiastic about the whole thing, reading and researching new foods, recipes and workout routines.

However as with all stories that go along this line, even with my relatively healthy diet and regular exercise, usually 4/5 times a week I’ve been finding it hard to shift some pounds. I’m not overweight by any means, my BMI is 22 and I regularly do weights so probably have more muscle than others but I’m really conscious of trying to get my fat % down. 

I actually can’t remember my specific percentage as my trainer keeps it all recorded for me, but i was OVER THE MOON when I had lost 3lbs of fat the last time I was weighed. It was a huge confidence booster and I was so unbelievable happy.

I’ve got a long way to go to getting where I want to be as I’d like to lose a further 10lbs of fat before the summer but I’m clearly doing something right this time.

Moving on from that my trainer also gave me my new program which is AMAZING! I’m so into it at the moment that I could scrap all my classes and running just to do it, but I need to keep up my stamina in the others too.


This routine incorporates box step ups with weights, mountain climbers, lunges and lat raises with weights, and squat and press with weights.

In total I use the cross trainer, bike, rower and treadmill for short bursts of cardio and i also have a circuit of exercises to do using TRX which I repeat three times.

It’s an all over body blast and although i love it it does take a considerable amount of time. Sometimes i have to cut out the third circuit of TRX exercises because there just isn’t enough time during the week.

How have your fitness routines been going lately? Have you got any new programs you’d like to share?

Do you have any running tips for increasing distance to 10 miles plus?

I’d love to hear any of them!

L xxx

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