My Thoughts on Naked 3

Hey lovelies!

I’m sure we’ve all seen plenty on Naked 3 since it was released around Christmas time. I was lucky enough to be bought it for my birthday a few weeks ago and I couldn’t resist but photograph it (it’s SO pretty) and I thought I’d give my views on it too.

You can see M’s post here so I will try not to repeat everything that she has already said!



So the outer packaging; a rosy gold theme is probably onto a winner without even trying. Rose gold really has been the metallic of choice over the last few years particularly thanks to Michael Kors watches and Zara handbags. The main reason for this? It suits almost everyone. Some people can’t wear golder tones or silvery tones and rose gold seems to cover all bases whilst still being versatile enough to create a soft look or a darker smokey look for night.



The box contains the palette and also a booklet with testers of all four primers on offer from UD.

I’d bought the original primer a few years ago in a Buyapowa deal but in all honesty never really used it. I have seriously been missing out and from now on that primer is surgically attached to my eyelids on day trips and nights out (work doesn’t deserve that kind of commitment!). I’m super excited to try the others particularly after being shown them at the UD showcase event we went to; Eden looks like it will be a superstar for nights out.



The packages look like they will contain a tiny amount of product but actually there’s a generous sample size inside them so I will look forward to testing them out.


So the palette itself….is it worth the hype?

Here are some close ups of the shades:


Pink has always been an eyeshadow I’ve avoided if I’m honest. so this end of the palette is a little scary and if I’m honest, offputting. Strange is a colour I love already as I love using a matte light colour for over my lid to give it a good base and lighten the inner corners. Dust and Burnout are shimmery pink and apricot kind of shades which i can see me using to add shimmer in the centre of my eye lids to make them pop. Limit and Nooner which you can just see at the end are matte shades that will be good for day to day base colours. Buzz is one that scares me the most….dusky pink shimmer!
Trick is a lovely coppery glitter shade that I’m looking forward to using on nights out; it will be great with a bit of a tan in the summer months.


Again you can see Trick and Nooner in this photo and the colours here are MUCH more my thing. I’m a bit of a magpie and shimmery colours are what I love. Liar, Factory, Mugshot and Darkside are very welcome additions to my collection and I can see me slowly becoming obsessed with them
Blackheart is one of my absolute faves; a dark black with red glitter in and its perfect for a Saturday night; I needed this colour more than the others and I love how easily it blends for a smokey eye with a difference.


Another bonus with these palettes is the brush that comes with it. This brush is a double ended one specific for Naked 3. It has a larger fluffier brush on one side and then a thinner flat brush for more detailed applications. I really like it, a brush is always a welcome addition to my collection and this one slots in nicely. Lots of use will be had from this!


So….is it worth the £37 price tag?

The shadows work out at around £3.08 each which I’m sure we’ll agree is a pretty good price for super pigmentation, a wide variety of shades that compliment most skin tones and long lasting crease free finishes.

The brushes from UD normally cost at least £10 so you’re getting a bargain, plus the addition of the primer samples which are probably worth an additional £10 and overall you’ve got yourself a bargain.

The shades are complimentary for many skin tones and although I’ve said some aren’t my cup of tea and ‘scare’ me I do think i’ll use them as glitter will always be a good look!

I’d say this was a welcome addition to a make up wardrobe; what do you think?

Are you fan of rose gold shades and super pigmentation? What do you think of UD’s brushes?

L xxx

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  1. Madeleine S-B
    April 24, 2014 / 5:22 pm

    I only own the Naked Basics palette so far but I absolutely love it, so I'm sure more of them will make their way into my collection soon! Love the look of the Naked 3 – I've always avoided pink eye shadows but the rose-toned shades in this all look so wearable!

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