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Morning lovelies!

I’ve got a beautiful bag to show you today. Me and my mum are bargain hunters, and on a shopping trip a few weeks ago I found this beautiful bag that my mum bought for me for my birthday.

Let’s just take a look at it first:



Rosey blush coloured, a good medium sized bag with some beautiful golden studs. It’s like the absolute perfect bag for summer. I love bags this size, big enough to fit enough items in without breaking your back like other larger bags that let’s face it, you are just guaranteed to fill.



There are even studs on the base of the bag which is a nice touch and makes the bag look so much more expensive and help to stop the bottom getting scratched and covered in crap from the floor.

I also love the zip, its nice and chunky and matches the gold studs. The zip goes all the way down the sides of the bag and their are two handles also made with the same rose gold. 



This bag is absolutely perfect and replaces my other older black bag from Warehouse with gold studs for the next summer months. The only problem i have found so far is that it is susceptible to stains from darker clothing. Wearing this with my new Levi’s has resulted in a few dark blue stains on the rose pink material but luckily this can be cleaned off.


Even the inside is lined! I do love the inside material of a bag, you can always tell if you’ve got a good quality bag when you’ve seen the lining.

So what’s my secret? Obviously its from TK maxx! There’s nothing like a bargain when you’re casually wandering around the shops and find a beauty like this. I don’t remember the price of this but I do remember it was discounted quite a bit and was worth every penny!

Do you like rummaging in TK Maxx? Are bags your thing or are you a shoe girl?

Trips to TK Maxx are always a danger for me, especially in the bag section!

L xxx

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