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Evening All

It’s been a busy few days for me as I had an exam yesterday! Stressful times and it didn’t go great, arrrgh!! One more on Friday and it’s all done for a year!

I’ve seen a few videos lately on youtube of people reacting to old facebook profile pictures so I thought I’d do a blog version of it! I love looking back at old photos and I do do it quite often.

So I figure it should start at the beginning! I was (who am I kidding, still am!!) a huge poser, sunglasses indoors mirror shot from back in the myspace days!

This was my first halloween at uni! Look at the mess in my room. Uni was 3 years of fancy dress! I still miss it now, this was a children’s outfit from the disney shop! Clearly as it’s halloween I did typical girl thing and made my costume as small as possible and zombiefied!

I was still in my myspace photos from above phase obviously haha! But I love how shiny my hair is here! I wonder what I was using!

This was a profile photo for ages until my aunt showed my nan! (sigh family members and facebook don’t mix!!) This was after a rather heavy night at uni when I decided the hill to halls was too much and a nap was needed!

Birthday’s aren’t birthday’s without crowns!

Wednesday’s were always big nights out at uni for me and it seemed everyday wednesday without fail I’d come home with a cat face!

My fancy dress box at uni always had random additions from nights out. This parrot was in there until probably 18 months ago! I loved this dress but as you can tell it was a little short! Damn you River Island.

I did do something other than drink at uni! Water zorbing looked so much fun but it was soooooo hard to do!

I love this photo and still use it sometimes now! It was on holiday with an ex and we got up at 5 to watch the sunrise on the beach. 

Photos like this just bring back good memories and make me laugh! Giant pile on fun!

I always look back at old photos and think where are my eyebrows! This was my first experience with coloured contacts! I love green eyes!

This is one of the first photos of L and I. This was when we started to get close! I loved that necklace and still have a version of it now! Loving the statement necklaces before they were a thing ha!

Our Graduation Day. Of course the hat throwing photo had to be taken! It took a while to get it right. Graduation was such a hyped up day it did just end up feeling a bit long!

I love this photo! This was a Christmas party. These guys were some of the people I loved working with the most and felt like I really fitted in. I love my hair and lashes here! No idea what the ruler between boobs is about!

This was taken at our first blogger event. It was so great to travel up to London for it. I loved these treggings and I’m so gutted they broke.

This photo is pretty recent and makes me laugh! It does annoy me lipstick is on my teeth. Damn you apocolips!

And the current facebook profile. I rarely smile with teeth so it’s unusual for me to take a good photo but I really like this one. This night brings good memories so this photo does too.

Hope you enjoyed a nosey at my profile photos!! I’m pretty much still as posey but probably a little bit less of a drunken mess! Uni always brings back great memories, it was the best 3 years of my life!

Love M


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  1. Beauty Bird
    May 21, 2014 / 5:10 pm

    I looked back through my old FB photos awhile ago, it made me feel old!! Haha xx

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