Festival Essentials Pack

Hello lovelies!

I’ve got a totally random and fun review for you today. A few weeks back my brother got me a birthday present that 100% confused me. Imagine being faced with opening up a present looking like the bag below:


I was so confused! What on earth was in this drawstring bag??

Well let me enlighten you….

Very important ear plugs for starters! I’ve heard that whatever you take with you, if you intend to get any sleep at all you 100% need these, or some hefty ear phones that will block out noise from rowdy partiers walking past your tents.


Sun lotion sachet; very handy. I will of course be taking a full bottle with me but this can be my emergency sachet for times of last minute sun that appears. So many people I’ve known have burnt to a crisps at festivals because of the rare sunshine in the UK and I don’t intend to be one of them! Though a golden glow would be LOVELY!


Next up some real hygiene essentials. Deodorant, a festival must have, It should rate up there with oxygen and water. Do not leave home without it for the sake of everyone.
Tissues, pack copious amounts of these! Saving you from the sniffles induced by crap food/drink/no sleep etc, the inevitable toilet trips and spillages of any kind. Saviours.

Hand gel; when those inevitable toilet trips arrive you should be armed. Sanitise those hands of yours to protect from unthinkable germs, imagine over 100,000 people using the same toilets for a week. GERM HEAVEN. Protect yourself as much as possible!


Lastly a few girly essentials. Carex wipes will also help against sticky spillage, I’m talking pints of cider flying everywhere, falling over in the mud and those dirty dirty burgers you’ll be chowing down on. (I’m drooling already, cider and burgers yummmmmm)

Plasters and toothbrush are also essential; for the love of GOD do not leave home without a toothbrush EVER. Festivals included, your breath should still be smelling fresh and a lack of a sink is no excuse!

The torch is a nice little touch really, I hadn’t thought about taking one of these but without any electrical lighting in a tent how on earth would you be able to do anything otherwise! Can you tell I’ve never actually been proper camping?? Cue a big shock coming my way!

And last but not least……..a nail file. One of the most important tools known to women kind, imagine breaking a nail and not being able to file it away for 7 days? Unthinkable!

You can find this specific set on ebay here, but there are tonnes on there that would be great gifts for a festival goer this year!
It’s a genius present and I love it, cannot wait to take it to Glastonbury and put it to good use.

What do you think of my festival essentials? Do you have anything to add to the list?

Would you love to give or receive this pack as a gift?

L xxx

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  1. PWhiley94
    May 9, 2014 / 8:34 am

    This is such a great idea, my festival must have is my see through cover up, It keeps me dry and everyone can still see my outfit.P.xx GreyWalls

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