Fitness Friday: New Training Program

Hey there! Happy Friday afternoon!

I’ve been anjoying posting a lot more fitness related posts every Friday afternoon in between my usual fashion, beauty and life posts. If you’ve enjoyed any of them in particular and want to see more of them let me know. So far I’ve reviewed some products such as coconut oil and protein pancakes; shared my latest training programs; listed some of my favourite motivational blogs and fitness gurus and lastly showed you some of the recipes I’ve been loving lately.

Today’s post is dedicated to my latest training program. I’ve been working hard the last few months without much in the way of change in the scales. So I’ve changed my routine around a bit and have started to lose some fat! I was so pleased i cannot wait to continue and lose a few more pounds of it.

My latest weigh in showed that I’d lost 4lbs which I was happy with but 1lb was of muscle which is not the way to go. Nevertheless I’m trying to stay positive, eat lots of protein, consume more protein shakes as I have slacked off on them for a bit and keep working out.

So my new program! It’s very similar to the last which I absolutely loved. The last one was a full body workout with moves that incorporated multiple muscle groups at a time and it was great. This one is similar in that way. It’s full of supersets where I have box step ups, squats and lunges all with heavy weights followed by the rowing machine. I repeat this circuit 4 times before getting on the cross trainer for 10 minutes for some active recovery.

After this I then use the chest press and superset it with tricep extensions, followed by the low row superset with bicep curls. This is then followed by a further 10 minutes on the cross trainer before my core work. This involves the pilates 100 and then 5 roll downs which I repeat twice.

I’ve only done this a few times so far as its so new to me but I really enjoyed the feeling that I could increase my weights so much from what my trainer had written down. She’d been far too lenient with me and was laughing that I’d increased them so much on what she thought. 

It’s such a great feeling to know that I’ve improved so much on what I used to be able to do. I just wish that my running was going as well as the strength is!

I read something the other day which has stuck with me so I’ll leave you with it too:

‘Don’t concentrate on your weight going down; concentrate on your weights going up’

L xxx

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