Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume and Heat Protector*

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A few weeks ago me and M were lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people behind the Hairy Jayne haircare range and they sent us each a bottle of the Hair Perfume and Heat Protector which we’ve been using over the last few weeks.


This is a multiple use product to freshen up your hair in between washes, helps combat frizz and flyaways and as a heat protectant.

We were sent 2 different scents and mine was the musk based perfume which includes neroli, vetiver and patchouli. I have to be completely honest and say that this is not a scent that I would have chosen. The floral or Citrus one would have been preferable for me but I’ve been testing it all the same.


I love the handmade packaging, the recyclable amber glass bottles are really cute and atomiser spray dispenses easily. I like that they come with handmade labels as this such a nice touch.


I like applying this when I’ve washed my hair and before drying it. It does seem to help it dry with less frizz and when I use it between washes it helps with the shine and it freshens up my hair.

I love using products from handmade brands and with products this high in quality for affordable prices I can see me wanting to try the cream conditioner in future. With wheat protein and coconut oil it sounds like the perfect product for my hair!

L xxx


Morning All

As L has said when we were contacted by Hairy Jayne I couldn’t wait to try the products. I love the ideas behind the company and the fact everything is made by hand in a studio in London. L and I have wrote posts on Parabens and SLS so it;s always a bonus to us when a company avoids using them in their products. All the ingredients are also ethically sourced from the UK. I do think it’s great to support small UK companies when I can.

All the products are made by hand and in small batches. They are then chemically assessed to ensure quality. I love that on the bottle the batch no. and best before date are hand written showing further that it’s handmade. The packaging is also recyclable.

Onto the product. I had the citrus fragrance which is grapefruit, may chang and jasmine. It’s light, refreshing and clean smelling. As someone who hates washing their hair a hair perfume really appealed to me. I don’t like to wash my hair too much as I have bright colours in my hair and I’m trying to prevent them fading so this product is perfect for inbetween days especially if I’ve been to the gym.

What really impressed me is how it controls frizz. As my hair is so coloured and bleached unfortunately it is now frizzy and has a tendency to get frizzing in this mixed weather. Applying a few sprays of the product has really helped calm my frizz down. It does have a slight oily feel to it but it doesn’t make my hair greasy at all and I do use it on freshly washed hair if I’m straightening it.

I’m impressed with this little product and will definitely be ordering more from Hairy Jayne. The perfume comes in at £9 which is reasonable for a high end home made product. I do think it will last a while as a small amount is needed. It also comes in a Floral Fragrance. The shampoos and conditioners retail for £10 each and the pre-shampoo treatment oil is only £6. This is what my eye is on at the moment. Hurry up pay day so I can make an order!

To view the products and find out more click here.

Love M


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