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I haven’t been up to much recently but I have had a good bank holiday weekend so I thought I’d share some photos with you. I went with my family to our caravan for the day so we could take out my dads new boat. It was a lot of fun and it was great to finally get the boat out on the water!

The beach was lovely and empty and for once the sun was out. My dog absolutely loves the beach and cannot wait to get on the sand.

As you can probably tell from my selfie below, I was a little bit excited to get out onto the boat! My dad bought it a few months ago but the weather was pretty bad every chance we had so this weekend was the first chance. It was still pretty cold and after being stood holding the boat in the water whilst my dad took the trailer back to the car park I was FREEZING! Luckily for me I could just sit back and watch after we got started.


The views from the sea were lush and all I was missing was a cocktail! It’s not a luxurious boat nor is it very big but I’m sure a few cans of cider wouldn’t go amiss next time 😉

My dog was shattered after running around the beach with me and looks lush and fluffy after getting soaked!

I came back on the Sunday night then to get ready for my personal training session on the Monday morning which went really well and I’m writing about my new program for this weeks Fitness Friday.

After that I felt I deserved to completely pig out so me and M met up in Barker Tea House in Cardiff which I’d never been to before but had heard of and been recommended so many times. I’d heard lots about the cake so we tucked in!

I fully recommend the lemon and poppy seed and also the brownies, unbelievably gooey! The peppermint tea was also amazing, the tea pots are so heavy though it was a bit misleading every time I picked it up.


After this we finally got to see Divergent which I really enjoyed. I recently finished reading the last book in the series and couldn’t wait to see it portrayed in the cinema too. It didn’t disappoint and you should all get your hands on the books too! The books are always better I think.

Lastly I also had my hair done this month and decided to go a bit lighter again. I’ve had an ombre look for a while, not the dip dye that everyone else has but the true ombre where your hair on the lower parts of your head are all a lighter colour. As my hair is so dark it can sometimes look like it’s ‘blocked out’ when I tie it up so I decided to have highlights all the way through my hair instead. I don’t use bleach on my hair my hairdresser uses something called high lift so it isn’t as damaging on my hair but it doesn’t get as light as quick either. Over time the highlights will lighten by themselves and I’m hoping it will look more natural.

I’m kidding myself that my hair is anything like the fabulous Kate Beckinsale’s above; her hair is amazing and I so badly want the all over blonde highlighted look. If someone could style it like for me every day too that would be even better!

What have you lovelies been up to lately? What have you seen in the cinema?

L xxx

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  1. Beauty Bird
    May 17, 2014 / 8:02 am

    Lovely pictures and sounds like a perfect weekend! I've just finished reading Divergent and really want to watch it now, just seem to have no time to go! I'm off out on my other half's boat today 🙂 xx

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