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After a bit of a spend in Debenhams the other day (products shown below) I’ve been playing around with all of my new goodies and have been absolutely loving all of them. Today’s review is of the Naked Skin foundation from Urban Decay.



In keeping with the Naked product collection, the packaging is rose gold coloured and aside from that very simple. The foundation itself is pretty true to its name; it is weightless, peptide infused, and light diffusing as well as being free of parabens.



The foundation claims it will create a flawless demi-matte finish with light diffusing spheres ensuring you look professionally retouched. Not only that it is infused something crazy sounding called Matrixyl 3000 which is a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide, Lichtiderm which is protecting and brightening, as well as vitamins and antioxidant green tea.



There have been many studies into the effects from using this product and you can see how successful they were in the image above.

There are quite a few shades available in the range, and as a person who tends to live in the upper ranges of the spectrum (thank you rainy Wales..) I was pleased that not only are there a lot of pale shades but I wasn’t the palest, which is always nice to know there are shades available for those who are paler than me.



The bottle itself is beautiful, its sleek and simple which is my favourite and most of all it’s glass. I love glass bottles for foundation as it feels a lot more expensive and luxurious. However I can see this getting extremely grubby in my morning rush getting make up and fingerprints all over it!

Even the dispenser is similar and is very sturdy, it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic that will stop working after a few pumps, nice to know it’s not going to give up on me after a few uses.


So how is it on the face? It is exactly as it’s described; weightless and light diffusing.

It manages to cover all of my flaws without caking, and although it covers it doesn’t mask my face if you understand what I mean. It covers most imperfections and whilst it doesn’t cover everything I feel that at least my skin does still look real. Some of my spots require an additional cover up with concealer but generally I find this is enough for me.

See for yourself, here’s my face with just Naked Skin and then with the rest of my make up on:


In my opinion this foundation gives me enough coverage without caking my face. In the photo below I have the rest of my face on and I really like the glow it gives.


What do you think of Naked Skin? Do you prefer a lightweight foundation or something heavier?

Would you consider trying it?

If you go to the counter and ask the lovely girls they might even give you a sample size to try which should last you at least a week. I’ve kept my bottle so that I can refill it for weekends away!

The Naked Skin foundation retails at £27 for 30ml.

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  1. PWhiley94
    May 10, 2014 / 9:37 am

    I have heard a few things about this foundation and with it being lightweight this might be my foundation for the sumer months. P.xx GreyWalls

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