Urban Decay Start Getting Naked kit

Morning lovelies!

It seems to be Urban Decay madness on here lately, not only do they seem to have some fabulous new products that I NEED they seem to be bringing out some great offers too.

When I picked up the Naked Skin foundation they had an offer on where you could buy this set for £5 after buying the Naked Skin foundation (review here)


I couldn’t wait to snap this up but unfortunately for me…the only one available was the battered box hidden at the back of the drawer! As you can imaging, blogger priorities meant that I was horrified I would have to take photos of a battered box.
Nevertheless the deal was far too good for me to miss so I just had to get it, for £5 I picked up the travel sized All Nighter Setting Spray and a mini Optical Blurring brush.


Let’s talk about the brush first; I’ve been lusting after this for a while and cannot stop touching it every time I walk past the counter. I know eventually  I will buy it but my funds at the moment are very restrictive…..a car service and a plethora of weddings, hen nights etc means that my bank balance for treats is non existent. Ah well, such is life!

Having blended the Naked Skin foundation onto the back of my hand (always a good place to start i think….) the finish was amazing. The brush is so densely packed with bristles that the foundation is buffed in all directions into your skin resulting in one of the most even finishes I’ve ever seen.

My only issue that I’ve had with the miniature version is that because it is so small and the bristles so densely packed that it can be hard to buff it in evenly without brushing it off. The brush is so short it can be difficult and during my 6am morning rush i don’t have time for the time and effort it takes when my Real Techniques buffing brush does a similar job with less time. I still want the full size optical blurring brush though, the finish is unbelievable!


The next product included to help give you the best finish is the All Nighter Setting Spray. M bought me this for my birthday last year and you can read my review here.

I’m a fan of the setting spray and have been using it sparingly for nights out and weddings but I will certainly be using it more now that i have another!
I apply it in the T and X formation that they suggest and it does help your make up last longer.


The full size Optical blurring brush is priced at £20 and I believe the travel size Setting Spray is priced at £9 for the 30ml. 

So for £5 this was an absolute bargain yes? And I couldn’t leave it behind right?

Good, that was the conclusion I came to as well.

L xxx

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