Urban Decay Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set-Smokey Matte Edition

Good morning!

Being the Urban Decay obsessive that I am, as soon as I wandered past our local counter and noticed this beautiful set I couldn’t help myself but snap it up.

This travel pencil set was an absolutely bargainous £10. TEN POUNDS!!! For only three of the marvellous 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils?? I had to investigate.



As mentioned in the picture above, this colours are three of the matte smoked out shades of their award winning liners.

Perversion is their blackest black and I have heard so many great things about this that it was definitely the main reason for picking up the travel pencil set.
Sabbath is a deep navy and one I will look forward to trying out, navy liner is very popular with some but I’ve never tried it.
Smoke is a deep grey and will be perfect for day wear; I’ve been told this goes very well with the Naked 3 palette.


I especially couldn’t help but pick this up after the lovely Haddie on the UD counter in Debenhams tried out some of their gorgeous pencils on me. She used three separate colours; freak, LSD and junkie to create an amazing flash of greeny blue under my eyes and i just fell in love with how beautiful and creamy they were and how they can so easily change your look.


Aaaaaaaaaanyway back to the set. This is perversion:


It’s a blacker than black absolutely essential pencil that every person needs in their lives, let alone an addict like myself. I should have picked this up a long time ago and I’ve barely put it down since buying it, it even accompanies me to work sometimes when i need that extra bit of eyeliner to get my through a tough day, you know the feeling?


Its amazing, super creamy, long lasting and smudges so that there isn’t too harsh of a line. I’m a HUGE fan.


Next up is Sabbath, the blue of the bunch and a colour that I hadn’t tried before.
This has been a great addition to my collection as I don’t own anything like it, and for my daily work make up I wear a lot of nudes.The blue is the perfect colour to shake it up without being black, see below for proof!



I love the flash of colour you get on the upper lid but its still wearable to work, my new fave!

Lastly is Smoke, the deep grey of the set and another colour i hadn’t used but was excited to. After hearing that it went so well with the Naked 3 palette which is also new to my collection it wasn’t too hard to put it all on just for the sake of it and coo over how brilliantly it blends.


This creates a much softer look and truth be told, i should definitely be wearing this to work instead of Perversion. But screw it, black eyeliner is a necessary essential sometimes.

Smoke blends beautifully and true to their word the UD girls were right about it complementing the Naked 3 palette which contains a lot of rose gold colours. The grey is nowhere near as harsh and for most of the looks you can create with Naked 3 the grey is the first choice.




Here they are swatched on my hand without and then with flash. All of them are really wearable shades that can be worn day or night and can be blended out with their 24/7 blending brush (post coming soon!) for any kind of look.

I can see me lusting after many of the shades in the extensive collection. There are a number of green and blue coloured metallic pencils on my list and thats not even starting on the essentials; gold, silver and purples to go with my hazel eyes. With 49 currently available on the Debenhams website along with a whole host of other double ended and limited edition ones I can see this being an expensive addiction at £14/15 each which is why i was so attracted to this set to begin with.

Will you be snapping this set up as well? Which is your favourite coloured pencil?

I have no idea where to start with buying them al but I will have to begin soon!

L xxx

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  1. Amy Tibble
    May 29, 2014 / 11:11 pm

    Thank you for writing about this gem! I wanted to try these for ages but couldn't pick just one colour! x

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