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Morning All

I’m having one of those mornings where I’ve got up early as I had a few things to sort before work after a rather lazy weekend. I’m so excited for the next week and can’t wait for Friday to hurry up and come. On Saturday I’m travelling back to Somerset as I’m off on a family holiday to Cyprus to watch my brother get married. Then two days after I land I’m off to Glastonbury. L and I have only mentioned it a few times but we’re mega excited as it’s our first festival! Yesterday I said buy to L till the 25th! It always seems weird when I know I won’t see her for a few weeks. I’ve got an amazing two and a half weeks coming up and I just want it here now!


My Glastonbury clashlist so far! Everyone keeps telling my I won’t see half of them but there are some I will be at no matter what!

I thought I’d share some bit’s I’ve been up to lately. It’s easy for me to do these at the moment as I am still doing my 100 happy days. I’ve stuck at it for 72 days now. Some days it is a real struggle to find something happy but it does make you appreciate the small things.

Last Sunday I was up early and headed off to London to meet up with some old friends and do The Color Run. Branded the happiest 5k in the world. The London one is one of the original but it has started a reaction of other color runs for different charities in cities all over the UK. I was concerned as I’ve not been running really at all lately but saw it as a run chance to catch up with the guys from back home that I don’t see often. We agreed we’d take it easy and stop if we needed to. At every km powder paint if thrown at you. We actually managed to do it without stopping and finished in 29 minutes! One of my friends I was running with managed to win a free pair of trainers on the day and kindly donated them to me! How Lush of her. The running was painful on my knee but we ended up having such a laugh doing it. We are looking for more run 5k runs now!



Jumping photos look run till you get smacked in the hand with a phone! Ouch! ha

My parents came down last week for a catch up as I’ve not seen them for over a month now. I do miss my family but with exams and lots of stuff going on it’s not been possible to go home. We decided this time we’d try somewhere a little out of town. Since starting seeing the guy I’ve been spending more time at the other end of town and have been pleasantly surprised with the restaurants. I love going to small privately owned places as opposed to chains so took my parents to a turkish I’ve been loving. For our welsh readers it’s Istanbul restaurant on City Road. The food is amazing and my dad was eyeing up lots of other places he wants to try there.


I was actually such a pig I ate one and half of these as my dad has been dieting a lot his appetite isn’t very big. 

For ages I’ve wanted my own herb garden. I love to cook and love the idea of being able to walk into my garden and pick fresh herbs. I bought a mint plant from asda a few weeks ago that has been growing well. I love having mint and lemon infused water! Infused waters are meant to be good for you. I can’t say I notice a difference but they taste good. My housemate also gave me a kit she had to plant but they are from seed so we’ll soon see if I actually have green fingers!


If you follow my instagram this is usually a happy day! A phone call from Gabon. The guy I’m seeing if currently working away and has been for almost 4 weeks. So whenever I get a call it’s usually my happy day for that day! 


Cocktails or evenings out always seem to appear in my happy days. I love catching up with friends and when it’s over a cocktail or two it’s always better! I’m a big mojito fan! L and I always went out for my brother’s fiancĂ©e’s hen do on Friday. We ended up having a buffet in a local tapas bar. Note to self never eat that late on a night out. It just made the food not settle well. The Hen had a great night though so that’s all that matters!


This week is going to be a busy one for me. I need to pack for Cyprus and Glastonbury and figure out what to take. I really want new clothes and sunglasses and I’m really trying to tell myself  I don’t need these beautiful Topshop sunglasses and trousers!


L is also in love with them now! What beautiful shades!

Happy Monday all!

Love M


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  1. Sophie Rose Hearts
    June 9, 2014 / 3:41 pm

    Busy, busy! Love the color run photos. Hope you have an amazing time in Cyprus for your brothers wedding :)Sophie x

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