Michael Kors Handbag


We all have those lusts in life that just seem so unattainable. The Christian Louboutins, the diamonds, the big house, the unlimited Chanel make up….the list goes on.

Handbags feature on my list quite considerably. You can never be without one as not only as they functional but they’re an essential part of bringing your entire look together. Some bags are iconic and their tags and labels are exactly what makes them so addictively beautiful. Cue my love for Michael Kors.


I’ve wanted one of his clean and simple looking bags for a long time, every time I walk past them in department stores there’s always a ‘mum look at THESE’ before we ooh and aah and coo over them and their beautiful bold colours.

I was so surprised when my mum bought me one of his bags for my birthday in March!
She’d hidden it inside a pair of black leggings that I’d asked for, as soon as I opened it and I picked the leggings out the bag fell out the bottom! I was so shocked I couldn’t stop smiling. Cheeeeeeesy grin all over my face for that day!


This black leather bag has become a 100% style staple in my life. Its beautifully made and the leather feels such high quality. I’m glad my mum chose me a black one as I know it will go with so much and I can wear it any time. I’m also glad she chose one with gold accents as I definitely wear more gold than silver, though I’m sure that I would still have worn it anyway!



I love the logo as it’s so simple but you instantly know who it belongs too. I’ve seen many different styles of bags and some even have it attached as a key ring rather than on the bag itself. Regardless its so simple to put anywhere on it and it just looks GOOD!



One of my favourite things about the bag is the thick and sturdy strap. It is one of the first bags that I genuinely trust NOT to break. The material is thick, the stitching is impeccable and the rings are thick and don’t seem to have a seam which is great for reliability! You do NOT want that link to give up when you’re in the middle of a shopping trip, dancing in a bar or in the middle of a date!

One of my top tips? Always check the inside of a bag to check the quality and attention to detail:


Look at that lining, beautifully covered in Michael Kors print. 

I cant explain how amazing the quality of this bag is. I’ve never had a designer bag before so this was a lovely surprise from my mum and definitely a treat! It’s my pride and joy and gets stored inside it’s own dust bag when I’m not using it, another way you just know its a good un.

Do you have any designer bag lusts? Do you have a favourite MK bag?

L xxx

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