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Today is my big brother’s wedding day! How exciting, I’m wearing this beautiful Hybrid Dress from The Blonde Salad boutique (amazing customer service if you are looking for a great dress!). As soon as I spied it I had to have it! I love the bright lime green on it and think it’ll look amazing with a tan.

I thought I’d share the lashes I’ll be wearing for the big day. For ages I’ve wanted to try the Millie Mackintosh lashes, not only is she a beauty and always looks flawless but Tanya Burr uses them lots too. A few weeks back I took part in a challenge (I’ll be posting on it soon, I’ve finally found a glue that rivals eylure!) that these were the prize for.


These are the Soho Lash. I wore them a few weeks back and love how they add volume and length without looking OTT so as soon as I put them on I was instantly sold for the wedding.


I love that they come with mini tweezers. I am forever losing tweezers so having them in the pack means they’ll always be nearby when I need them! For once I also actually like a glue that isn’t eylure. The glue dries quickly and sticks well. I always find it takes me two attempts to apply lashes.

I like that they lightly fan out and provide a more subtle volume!


On they thicken the lash line and draw subtle attention to my eyes!


Ignore the glue on them, clearly I was having a bad lash day this day! They have a soft curl and blend easily with my natural lashes.

With the glue they last all evening, are easy to apply and I’ll easily get a good few wears out of them. The whole range is coming on holiday with me. I love a bit of false lash and love how these can be worn in the evening without looking too much.

Have you tried the Millie Mackintosh lashes? I’m so glad I finally got my hands on them!

Love M


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