NOTD White Nails

Evening All

I’m just cwtched up on the sofa waiting for Made in Chelsea. I’ve finally managed to stop biting my nails again! I’m so pleased I managed to go through all my exams without biting any of them.



I’ve been loving being able to paint them loads again and find having them painted helps me to stop biting them. I’m not the tidiest at painting them so please ignore that.


My housemate has been recently painting her nails white and I love the look. I’m thinking I’ll do them white for my brother’s wedding with glitter on. They’ll be perfect for Cyprus with a tan.

I find white just looks clean and tidy. It can look messy though and the brightness of white I find highlights mistakes. It can also be hard to find a good white that looks opaque and not streaking. I’ve been using the white from my Guerlain french manicure set. It’s amazing after two coats!

Today rather than glitter I decided to add a top coat of OPI alter ego. It just gives a soft peal finish.



What’s your thoughts on white nails?

Love M


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