Life Update

Hi all!

Apologies for the serious lack of posts from myself recently; not only have I been living it up at Glastonbury and hen partying it in Edinburgh I have also had a lot going on at home as my mum is ill and my job isn’t working for me so I’m having to look for another .

It’s extremely frustrating and heartbreaking to admit defeat and give up on everything you worked so hard for but I cannot continue to work for a company who promised me so much and yet have given me so little. It takes up a lot of my time, energy and finances to even get there and my lack of training combined with minimal financial gain, no chance of this changing in the near future and no real career development I’m absolutely gutted to think I might have to call it a day. 

I’m still trying to make my decision as after telling them I was going to leave a month ago they promised me that things would change if I gave them a few weeks to prove it but unfortunately not enough has changed.

I’m trying to stay positive and tell myself that it’s giving me a new start and that everything happens for a reason but it’s extremely hard to think like that sometimes. I feel like my job was all I really had going for me and without that I’m not really left with much.

That aside I’ve been so busy with social events that I’ve barely had time to breathe! My friend had her hen weekend in Edinburgh and it was amazing, I’ve always wanted to go there having never been to Scotland and it didn’t disappoint. 

We managed to fit in a trip to the dungeons, karaoke, food, dancing and the zoo, though we missed a time slot for the pandas so we couldn’t see them! I definitely want to revisit and wander the cobbled streets for hours and hours, its so beautiful.

This weekend I have had another hen party to attend for the same group of friends but for a different bride to be, this one involved GoApe, Ann Summers party and lots of games so was a lot of fun but unfortunately not many photos were taken! Next weekend is her wedding so she’s keeping everything really close together which is a nice change from those that are planned so far in advance; though I can’t say I wasn’t worried when she was swinging in the trees! We had to dress up as animals so a few of us clubbed together to buy face paint to make us into zebras:



Me and M have also been out a few times recently. We went out a few weeks ago for food to catch up after Glastonbury and just have a quiet evening after the madness of the festival. We went to a place in Cardiff called Got Beef which was amazing, mostly selling different types of burgers but they also have beef brisket and loads of other things. My brother is a big fan and told me to go just so that I could have the Heisenburger: any Breaking Bad fan would be crazy NOT to order it, so of course i did!


I mean blue onions?! how amazing. Definitely a fun kind of place and I’ll be going back again to try more!

We also went out for drinks for her birthday and managed an impressive 6 cocktails in 3 hours before getting the last bus home, we know how to live…!



Hopefully this week will be a little quieter and I will have some time to catch up with myself and write some posts. A lot are overdue but unfortunately there’s only so much that one person can do at one time!
I could do with Hermione’s time turner right now…

L xxx


  1. Beauty Bird
    July 20, 2014 / 6:32 pm

    So sorry to hear that your work haven't kept to their promises. There's definitely going to be something better out there for you xx

  2. Sophie Blumenthal
    July 20, 2014 / 8:34 pm

    Hope things pick up for you, and your mum gets better! Been a busy bee still though, the hen parties sound fun :)Sophie x

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