New Look Wedges

Hi all!

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my shoddy lack of posts. I’ve had a few dramas in my life and this has resulted in me handing in my notice at work and selling my absolute favourite thing – my car (SOB!). I’ve made the decision to go travelling with a friend which is very exciting but also scary as I’ve no idea what I’m going to come back to and what I will end up doing. I’ve written a bit more in my life update post you can find here if you’d like to know more.

Other than that…..let’s get back to SHOES!


I’ve been quite poor for a while. Add to that my stint working at Boots which obviously didn’t help my bank account much (hello discount!). I’ve been living in the same tan wedges and black wedges for a while now with no other heels in sight. Long story short my black wedges are no more and I just HAD to get a new pair to get me through. Cue a trip to New Look with M and low and behold……..I came out with a new black pair…and a coral pair. M is dangerous!


These beautiful wedges came in at £20 and are extremely similar to a pair of Kurt Geigers I used to have and had to sell. Getting these were the perfect replacement for my previous wedges and a nice little nod to my beloved KG’s that I do quite miss a lot (even if I did only look at them in my wardrobe).

They are quite high but hey, it’s a wedge and its a fully enclosed shoe with a wraparound design over the main part of the foot. The zips at the back look cute and help to get the shoes on and off easily, and the platform at the front makes them a whole lot comfier for those long wedding days and even longer evenings over the summer!


I knew they’d be perfect for so many evenings I just couldn’t leave without them…especially when they were not only the only size 6 in the shop but the only shoe in the whole shop! MINE.

In my search for black wedges I cam across a super cute pair of coral wedges too. I mean it would have been rude not to try them on wouldn’t it?


The colour is gorgeous, and one that suits my pale skin and dark hair. I love the adjustable straps on the ankles as I have skinny ankles (the only part that is skinny!) and need these to be able to wear heels more comfortably.

The platform with the wedge allows me to wear heels without actually killing my feet.


They’re a very cute and feminine pair of shoes and I will look forward to wearing this at many an afternoon at the pub and evening with the girls.
This colour seems to go with everything too, it can be a pop of colour with a black or white dress and complement my many beige, coral and patterned items of clothing that are hiding away in my wardrobe. (stay tuned for a gorgeous maxi dress that fits this bill!)


I have only worn the black wedges so far and that was on my recent trip to Edinburgh and involved a lot of karaoke! See below for a cheeky snapshot of me belting out Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with a friend!


As a tall lady I often look at heels and wonder a) why on earth I wear them and b) if they make me look stupid.

In wedges I feel comfortable, not clumpy and actually….quite elegant!

I do love the ability to run around in the chunky heels without fear of flying and going flat on my face or bum.

How much do you love wedges? Are you a fan or are you a sky scraper stiletto kind of girl?

L xxx

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  1. Lucia Mascotelli
    July 24, 2014 / 3:45 pm

    I do prefer wedges than stilettos. Being quite tall, I've never had the need of high heels, so, since all my friends were always complaining how uncomfy they were, I just never wore high heels! But sometimes you need to add that 'je ne sais quoi' to your outfit, and the good old high heel is the best solution. So for me is quite a recent discovery, and since my practice is basically zero, I find wedges way more comfortable and easy to wear than stilettos!

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