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Lately I’ve been trying to grow my nails again. I’ve always been a nail biter but had managed to stop for a while. Stress got the better of me and I started again but in May I decided it was time to stop again. I’ve been loving painting my nails again and getting to use my massive nail varnish collection without putting on false nails. 


Natural Light

Luckily my nails have grown pretty strong and long now. I put this down to a high protein diet, hair, skin and nails tablets and OPI Nail Envy (review here). Since being on holiday and not using these three they have weakened a bit!


with flash

I can never resist a good nude polish and when I was home and saw Avon had released a new nudes collection I couldn’t resist grabbing one. Nudes always look classy on nails and are great for any occasion. Also if you’re quick they are currently a bargain £3 instead of the normal £6 which is reasonable for nail varnish.


They dry pretty quick to a glossy finish and surprisingly for a pale colour are perfectly opaque and not streaky in 2 coats. I could have gotten away with one on some nails if I was better at painting my nails.


Barely there is a slightly purple toned nude. Slightly darker than skintone. I found it really complimentary on my slightly tanned skin and think it would still look great in winter when I’m pale. 

The nudes collection also has a gorgeous peachy nude and grey!

Love M


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