Top 10 Glastonbury Highlights

Hey there!

You might have seen our tweets for the last few weeks of noticed our lack of tweets/posts last week. me and M both finally went to Glastonbury festival after wanting to go for YEARS!

We finally got tickets for this year and were so excited we’ve spent weeks preparing for it, picking up goodies like bars and cider and essentials like new clothes and cat ears (like I said, essentials!)

We’ve got a whole post dedicated to Glastonbury coming up on Sunday, but I wanted to share my top moments with you as I’m sure M will be doing the same. So in no particular order:

1) Arrival. In through the gates, tent up and off for breakfast with a Pimms in hand by 9am, winner!

2014-06-25 09.28.57-2

2) Imagine Dragons. Enjoyed their set so much I had goosebumps by the time they ended on Radioactive. The photo below is not mine as I was too busy singing and dancing to BEFORE they came on stage. Me and M would like to party with these guys WHENEVER THEY ARE AVAILABLE!!

3) The randomness. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer crazy things that you will see and experience during your time there. Banksy also made an appearance in the form of a slaughter truck filled with squeaking and moving stuffed toys – mental.

2014-06-26 18.13.45

4) Arcadia. I’d heard many a thing about this bug-like beast but nothing compares to the real thing. Check out the pre festival picture and then 2 from Nero’s DJ set on the Friday night. Unbelievable!

2014-06-26 14.09.03

2014-06-27 23.44.47

2014-06-28 00.07.02

5) Brother’s Cider. Festival strength at 7% one of these was all we needed a day to keep us ‘happy’ I would fully recommend visiting this stand if you ever go!

2014-06-28 19.53.31

6) The ability to wear glitter, crazy eye make up and any kind of head wear and clothing imaginable and it all be perfectly acceptable! We didn’t venture much further than glitter, coloured eyes and cat ears/floral crowns but some people wore catsuits and all sorts!

2014-06-27 08.58.022014-06-29 11.13.38

7) Skrillex. One of the coolest dudes ever, spaceship on the stage and involved the lion king in his Friday night set. What a cool guy!

2014-06-27 23.02.30

8) I’m not sure I can fathom my love for the man that is Ed Sheeran. Amazing singer/songwriter and a genuinely nice guy it seems, asked the crowd if they minded him taking a picture and he certainly wooed me during his set on the Sunday. Bonus points for a cool video courtesy of swirling around clothing above your head during ‘Sing’. LOVE.

2014-06-27 17.19.24

9) The smaller stages. I loved seeing the big hits on the most popular stages but loved seeing up and coming acts such as Kiesza and MNEK (both below) on the Sonic stage and others on BBC Introducing etc. Managed to get right down the front which is a bonus on the photo front too!

2014-06-28 15.35.30

2014-06-28 14.45.52

10) Ending on a cheesy one – spending my first festival and first camping experience with my best friend was LUSH. We had an awesome time watching acts together and making our food choices for the 5 days as soon as we’d done a lap of the site, we clearly know how to have a good time!

2014-06-28 14.11.00

Did you go to Glastonbury? Did you watch it from the comfort of your home?

I’m constantly scrolling through my pictures and missing my can of warm cider at 10am. however I do not miss my wellies, 5 days of 10 miles plus a day and they’re in agony!

L xxx

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  1. Georgina Kent
    July 4, 2014 / 10:29 am

    Great post L :)I have such love for Glasto – I worked it in 2000 in my first year of uni, got paid £250 to go, free ticket, secure camp site right in the middle of the action and we got to see every band we wanted to – oh and free food and drink! Amazing experience that I'll never forget for as long as I live :)GeorginaMakeup-Pixi3

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