Urban Decay 24/7 Blending Brush

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I’ve got a quick review of my latest brush addition today. You’re probably sick of hearing about Urban Decay by now but that’s tough really, because they’re an amazing brand that i can’t believe I haven’t bought more from sooner, so settle in for another review!

I’ve already raved about their 24/7 pencils multiple times before but regardless of which pencils you have, you should know that you also need this brush in your life.


The 24/7 Blending brush is a staple brush for any make up addict. It has so far perfectly blended every eye liner I’ve thrown at it and it does it with ease.
The small tapered shape allows you get right into the corner of your eye without feeling like you’ve thrown sand into it and it expertly blends the product along lash lines without dragging it halfway down your face.



It’s made from cruelty free, super soft synthetic hair held together by recycled aluminium. It also cleans back to its original white colour without much hassle, I’ve found that simply using an eye make up remover takes away even black liner from the brush leaving it white which is pretty impressive really!



It definitely doesn’t disappoint with regards to its name; it blends like a trooper.

The easiest was is for me to show you some looks I’ve created myself using it:

On the left below we have Perversion, UD’s number one black liner thats soft yet super pigmented. On the right we have Smoke, a soft grey that complements the Naked 3 palette perfectly.



Both look perfectly blended to me, would you agree?
I do like wearing product under my eyes as well as on the top so the ability to blend it through my lower lashes was a high priority for me but applying the liner and brushing and blending it through was no problem at all and I love using Perversion for a night out!


For the image above I used the Naked Basics double ended eye pencil which I’ve posted about previously. Smudging the darker colour (crave) on the outer corner and the lighter colour (Venus) on the inner corner proves how easily the colours have blended as there isn’t a line where they connect.

So have I won you over??

I think everyone needs one of these in their make up bag, and the best part is…….its only £10!!

What a bargain, go and snap one up straight away!
(I’m not on commission….just a bit of a fan!)

L xxx

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