10 Tips to Live a Happier Life

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I recently wrote about my choice of ‘happiness’ by quitting my job which was essentially taking over my life without any benefit to myself whatsoever. (see here for more info!)

I’ve been reading a lot about happiness recently and have seen lots of articles and debates about it. What is true happiness? How can you achieve it?

Happiness is different for everyone, but there are a few key things everyone should try to add a little but more happiness to your day and your life. There’s no point living a miserable existence for the sake of it!

In fact even the Pope has recently released his own top 10 tips for happiness, although in my opinion a lot of his are very similar and a little too, shall we say boring?

Here’s my top ten tips for being happier:

1) Take care of yourself, have some ‘me’ time. Sleep, pamper, curl up in bed. Stuff your face with chocolate and don’t speak to anyone for a whole 24 hours if you don’t want to. It’s important to be alone with your own thoughts, it gives you chance to know what you really want. If not, go and get your nails done as a treat, spend an hour in the bath until you’re wrinkly and if all else fails, life is always better with a tan! Just make sure you save some time for yourself.

2) Connect with others and do something to help them, particularly those who are already important in your life. Always make time for your family and friends, they are the people who are and will be there for you when you really need them. Even a text, phone call or a snapchat can be an easy way of communicating with them and brightening their day and it will make you happier too. It can be great to have a bitch fest too, just to get your bad day, nightmare colleague, irritating partner etc all off your chest! Catching up in any way possible will always make you feel better.


3) Learn new things, be curious, read, ask and question everything. There’s nothing worse (and I’m talking from experience) than having a bored mind with nothing intellectually stimulating to occupy yourself with.
I’m someone who loves to read, loves to learn and I’m generally quite a fast learner, having that taken away from me made me so unbelievably unhappy that I couldn’t even see a way out. Since I’ve taken back control of things I’ve been reading so much more and finding everything interesting again. It’s good to relax but it’s also good to keep your mind busy too.

4)  Revisit old things. I’ve had a huge clear out recently which is something that I try to do regularly as I just have far too much stuff and seem to be a bit of a hoarder! It’s great to declutter and make more space in your room/house. But aside from that, look at old photos, make a scrapbook of some of your favourite memories, reminisce with friends over coffee or cocktails about your school days or holidays you’ve been on. Memories are all you have that nobody can take away from you!

5) Get active, get outside. I’m a firm believer that exercise is a massive factor in happiness. I would never have said this years ago but it truly is the main thing that keeps my stress and food intolerances at bay. I now think that there really is no excuse for you not to get some exercise in a few times a week; whether it be walking, dancing, running, swimming or any kind of exercise class or gym that you can find. I find that mixing it up and doing different things is the best way to go about it, hiking up a hill getting tonnes of fresh air, seeing new scenes and following it up on the way back with fish and chips is one of my all time favourites things to do! Fresh air literally works wonders, get out in it.


6) Move on, live and let live, there’s so many sayings I could list but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do but walk away from something. Whether it’s your job like in my case, your relationship, a friendship or any number of things, sometimes it’s best just to move on and leave it all behind. The negativity can drag you down and it’s not worth it when you could be having such a better life. Surround yourself with happy people who support your choices.

7) Cut down on the social media. I’m a firm believer in taking pictures on a night out and sharing them with my friends; but constant photos, tweets and statuses can’t truly mean you’re having a good night? I almost always tweet a picture on the night, it’s lovely to be able to share your new dress, hair etc with your friends but for day to day life sharing every meal and constantly comparing yourself to other people’s feeds isn’t healthy. Social media is a portrayal of someone’s life as they wish you to see it not how their life really is. Take a break from it for a few days, and you’ll see that really, you’re not missing anything.

8) Set yourself goals, make plans for the future, be organised. It can be great to just live each day as it comes but if, like me, you want to get loads done in your life it’ a good idea to make a loose plan. 


9) Don’t take life seriously. Throw those shapes on the dancefloor, have an eating competition, pull faces in photos. I haven’t done any of these things in a long time, it’s high time I had a little more fun with life and wore something crazy and danced like a loony!


10) Choose your own path; never give a fuck what anyone says you should or shouldn’t be doing. They don’t know you, they don’t know what you want and you should never do something to please somebody else who wouldn’t do the same for you.

If in doubt; refer to Harry Potter:


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