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My brother is a total sales bargain hunter so is always sending me bargains. The latest whatsapp bargain contained these two belts that ring in at a to cheap to resist £2! I was in need of new belts so couldn’t resist a browse. As he’s premier he also let me use his account for free delivery as I was heading back to my parents that weeks!

At £2 it seemed silly not to order them! (link here) I couldn’t resist browsing the rest of ASOS sale which did prove dangerous. Here’s the other bits I grabbed. I could have bought so much more. I tried to have some self restraint (says the girl that bought 4 belts and wanted 5!)

I’m a huge fan of waist belts and bottle green so there was no way this wasn’t going to end up in my bag. I love belts like this with dresses as they just add a little something more to a plain dress and make my waist look smaller. This one was more expensive at £5 (link here)

Lastly on belts the colour of this caught my eye! The blue is an amazing matte pastle shade and I loved the rubberised finish of it. I think this colour will be amazing with tea dresses! At only £3 it was being ordered! I think I’d have personally preferred a silver buckle with the colour of blue! (link here)

Next up is loads of jewellery. I’m loving the delicate jewellery that seems to be everywhere but I seem to be lacking it. Also weirdly lately my ears have finally accepted being pierced and are happy to wear cheap earrings after 18 years of only wearing gold or plastic ones!

For £2 these had to be mine. I love the simple delicate design of these. They are also a brushed gold so don’t look tacky. I’m definitely usually more of a silver person. I find a lot of my belts have gold buckles though so I am trying to buy more! (link here)

I was drawn to the gem stone bullet setting on this necklace and loved the light blue shade of it! The worn silver holding it looks great! It is a little annoying to wear as it does tend to choke me after a while and the second bit becomes super long! It was the most expensive buy at £5.50 (link here)

I think this is my favourite purchase. I love the layering of dainty necklaces but don’t own enough to do it. The contrast of the white against gold I love and the fact one of the chains has squares on. It’s so simple but I can see my getting tonnes of wear from it! This one was £4 (link here)

These disappointed me! Mainly my fault as I can’t be bothered to complain. The middle bracelet was missing from my set and one of the beaded one’s broke the second I put it on so I do only have 3 of this set! I do love little dainty bracelets and have already been wearing these a lot but I do think I need the gold one to break it up. I probably have one n my collection. These were £4. But to be honest I don’t think they are worth it. (link here).

Have you been shopping the sales? Have you grabbed any bargains?

Love M


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  1. Sophie Blumenthal
    August 11, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    Great sale picks. I LOVE that rubberised belt, so cool and unique :)Sophie x

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