Nivea 3 in 1 Micellar Water

Happy Friday lovely readers!

I hope you’ve got some great things planned. I have work for the final time on a Saturday but only til 11am so I’m planning on getting some gym action and then having another quiet weekend to conserve my energy for Tough Mudder the weekend after!

Today I have a review for you on another micellar water. There are quite a few on the market now and it’s about time seeing as before there was only offers from Bioderma and Etat Pur which were a little difficult to get shipped all the way over from France.

I’ve since tried the L’Oreal and the Garnier before picking up the Nivea version for Glastonbury. I still had the Garnier one in my stash but as the bottle was so big I didn’t want to carry it all the way to the festival with me nor did I want to run out, so I picked up this one for a change.


I mainly chose this one as it was a smaller size (200ml) which was perfect for 5 days of festival antics and it was one that I hadn’t tried. It was also tailored for sensitive skin which I knew i would experience after a few days of being unable to wash my face properly.

It claims to be a 3 in 1 micellar water which aims to cleanse deeply, remove make up and moisturise whilst also being free of parabens, colours and perfume which all sounds like a pretty perfect package to me!


I used this morning and night at glastonbury, I was hoping it would help keep a break out at bay by keeping my skin as clean as possible without stripping it. I also, as expected wore a lot of eye make up and copious amounts of glitter which needed quite a lot of help to remove.

It contains dexpanthenol and grape seed oil to help combat the main signs of sensitive skin; redness, tightness and dryness.


Using this every day had absolutely no negative effects on my skin whatsoever, it was a massive pain that i could only use face wipes and this to cleanse my face as I missed my hot water and wash cloth terribly! My skin did get a bit greyer, blotchy and definitely not as smooth but that’s to be expected.

I didn’t suffer too many breakouts, nor did my skin feel tight, sore or experience any redness other than what I would normally experience if I hadn’t washed my face properly.


I thought this cleansing water was another great micellar water at a reasonable price from the high street. I do think it is a more expensive version though. This bottle normally clocks in at £4.07 for 200ml (but is currently on offer for £2.03 on the Boots website!) and so is £1.02 for 100ml.

The Garnier micellar water that I’ve previously posted about (here) is £3.33 for 400ml and so 83p per 100ml. I personally prefer the bigger bottle, I use a cleanser of this type regularly so a bigger bottle is much better value for me. But that aside all of the micellar waters I have tried have been on par with each other in performance which is great for the high street brands to be doing such a good job.

What do you think of high street cleansing waters such as this one? Which is your favourite?

L xxx

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