Primark Shoes


I mentioned in a previous post that I’d had a rather small (large!) splurge in the lovely new Primark in Cardiff’s city centre. It’s absolutely huge, has 5 floors of goodies to browse through and I just couldn’t help myself but pick up a lot!

The shoes that were there were amazing so I just ended up buying loads.

Here’s the first pair, look how chic these are:



They’re a mock suede finish with an ankle strap and pointed toes. They’re the kind of shoes that would go perfect with trousers and jeans for a work or pub outing for the summer and winter (as long as its not raining!)

The details are really cute, zips up the back and gorgeous gold ankle straps too



I am yet to wear these due to an appauling social life currently but hey, they can look pretty in my wardrobe for the price of £8 which is what I believe they were! 

These pumps have been amazing for work:


So comfortable, these lace effect pumps are perfect as i have to keep my feet covered in work in case any chemicals spill in the lab. I’m not sure where they draw the line seeing as most pumps don’t cover your feet but they are allowed and I jumped on these seeing as they’re a lace effect too and will hopefully keep my feet a little cooler than my usual brogues!


I’ve been wearing the black mostly but the cream have been great for wearing with summer dresses, when the weather is a bit sunny of course!


Pumps like these never last very long due to the fact I literally wear them until they fall apart so i always buy them from Primark every summer. For £3-£8 a pair you can’t really refuse can you?!

Which are your favourite? Do you buy many shoes from Primark?

L xxx


  1. Beauty Bird
    August 14, 2014 / 7:31 am

    OMG I love the first ones! Need to hunt these down! xx

  2. Sophie Blumenthal
    August 14, 2014 / 12:34 pm

    Great buys! That first pair look super chic and stylish, I love them :)Sophie x

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