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A few weeks ago I was sent a 14 day teatox by the lovely people at SlenderToxTea. I’ve always wanted to try one of them but just couldn’t decide which as I was overwhelmed with the amount of choice!

Luckily for me SlenderToxTea saw my confused tweet and offered to send me a trial, which of course I could not refuse!


The 14 day trial included 14 Daytox morning tea bags, and 7 Sleeptox  night tea bags in separate packets to make it easier to distinguish between.

I like the packaging, it’s easy, resealable and easy to tell which is which, making it that much better for people like me who are somewhat of an ogre in the morning. Reading and trying to work things out isn’t what I need!


So what do you do? The Daytox tea bags are to drank in the morning, as soon as you can to getting up. You make it using warm water and leave it to brew for a few minutes only. start off with a shorter time and build it up if you prefer. Don’t do what I did and make it with boiling water, it’s very potent that way! Always make sure you read instructions yes??!


I was surprised when first trying the morning Daytox, it smelt quite strong but actually didn’t taste of much at all which I definitely preferred. I find green tea to be too strong for me, taste wise, and tend to drink it in tea bags with peppermint to help the taste so I was apprehensive this would be just like green tea and I’d hate it.

So I was pleasantly surprised and found it easy to add this in as an extra tea in the mornings, also adding an extra step of hydration to my day so it was a win win situation.


As you can see from the ingredients in the picture above the tea does contain green tea but also a number of other ingredients that I don’t know the function of.

The Sleeptox is slightly different and only requires you to drink a cup of this every OTHER night. Definitely read the instructions on this one as although it’s brewed the same you only need one on alternate nights……..don’t try and drink it every night like me!



You can see the list of ingredients in the sleeptox in the photos above, some are similar but there’s a few more additional ingredients in the night one.

I also found this tea to taste similar and although it smells strong it’s really not a strong taste at all.


So what did i think?

It does suggest that you use the tea bags and complete the tea tox starting on a weekend to allow you to get used to the effects. I’m glad i started this on a weekend just so that i could get used to brewing the tea, when I needed to have them etc. I didn’t find the effects to be too off-putting though everyone might react to this in different ways.

I did get some of the ‘cleansing’ feeling and of course my trips to the little girls room did increase (no blushing here!) but this was in no way uncontrollable and after all the horror stories of some people not being able to leave the house………I would have to dispute that!

I completed the full 14 days in work without anything different aside from more frequent trips to the toilet so if you work in situation where you are unable to get to the bathroom easily (such as a teacher or nurse) then I probably wouldn’t recommend it. As i said, it’s nowhere near uncontrollable but you will need toilets available to you!

I did personally find that the Sleeptox teas were more potent than the Daytox teas, though this is probably having had a ‘double dose’ more than it being more potent in itself. As i mentioned earlier on I did make the mistake of not reading the packet and for the first three days had both a morning and night tea which was WRONG AND DEFINITELY DON’T DO IT.


How did i feel after completing it?

Well I weighed myself pre and post Teatox and lost 3 pounds. This was definitely a step in the right direction having put on a few lately with stress and was a good booster to continue with further healthy eating and exercise. I didn’t change my diet in this time either so definitely this was just from the tea.

I also had increased metabolism and energy as i didn’t feel tired at all, probably as my system didn’t need to spend its’ energy getting rid of the toxins in my body.

As it goes with looks, I 100% believe it has made me look smaller because the bloat in my stomach reduced considerably and made me feel so much better about myself and more comfortable wearing my clothes. I also took photos pre and post teatox and there’s definitely a difference in my stomach especially when viewed from the side as its a lot flatter. However I don’t feel ok with publishing these on the blog for everyone to see, but I promise you there’s a noticeable difference 

I’m not convinced this is a permanent solution and for this reason think it’s perfect for a special event like a wedding, holiday or graduation etc but not for permanent weightloss as I think when you stop the weight will slowly come back on without a permanent lifestyle change.

The 14 day Teatox package with both Day and Sleeptox comes in at £19.99 with free P&P. I think for an event in your life that you want to look your best at, £20 is worth the money as it really does work in helping you reduce the bloat and lose a few extra pounds. Before a holiday it would be ideal to give you a boost before getting your bikini out but long term i think it would be too expensive to feasibly drink it all the time.

That being said, if you’ve got the cash to splash I’d be one of those buying it every other month to help keep the bloat at bay and cleanse out my toxins to help my body metabolise the things it actually needs.

Have you tried Slender Tox Tea? Have you tried another brand of detox tea?
Would you buy the tea for an event or for long term?

Slender Tox have a number of products on their site and provide a variety of tea packages. I’m most interested in the Slimming Patches that they have recently brought out, a patch that can help with weightloss of 2-4 pounds a week without side effects?? Sounds like a miracle!

L xxx

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  1. Sophie Blumenthal
    August 29, 2014 / 5:21 pm

    I think these sort of teatoxs are great for kickstarting healthy eating or as a last minute thing, but agree definitely not a long term solution. I'm so terrified of the night time teas and the laxative effects it does put me off a little!Sophie x

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