Ted Baker: That’s a Wrap Nail Wraps

Good evening!

Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend, even of the weather is dreary and grey. I already posted earlier on my review of Slender Tox Tea but couldn’t resist writing up another review of these beautiful nail wraps as I drink my tea and watch Harry Potter. It really is one of those wintery evening already!

We were kindly sent these super cute nail wraps to try…..as a nail wrap virgin I was apprehensive how they would work, how long they would last and if I would get on with them at all!


First off the packaging. I always love nudes and metallics and so this packaging appeals to me a lot, if I saw these on a stand I would definitely be drawn to them. We were sent two different colours to try and so I picked these, and M picked the darker version of the same floral pattern.

There are 14 nail polish strips to use and each one varies in width so you can pick the perfect size for your nails. Like the back of the packaging states; if you’ve no time for polish this should be perfect for those times when you need super chic nails in super fast times.


I love the floral pattern that is unique to Ted Baker, I’d love to get my hands on their kimonos in a print like this and don’t even get me started on the make up bags!

You can see the variety of sizes of the nail wraps in the picture below, they even have the actual measurements on them too.



So once they are taken out of the packaging you are left with a silver foil wrap which keeps the wraps themselves clean, tidy and stops them from drying out.

The instructions are pretty simple; choose your nail size, peel from the bottom where the measurement is and apply to the base your nail in the correct position. After this all you need is to press firmly down onto the nail wrap and use a nail file to remove the excess nail wrap that you don’t need. you just need to file downwards at the end of the nail and the excess seems to fall off leaving your nails perfect!



This was the first time I’d used nail wraps and although they really are easy, it does take some practice just to get the application at the base of the nail correct as once that’s done the rest is easy. Also i have what some people call ‘pianist fingers’, which basically means my fingers and nails are really long and narrow. My nails, even when filed down REALLY short seem to be longer than anyone else’s when they’re fully grown! This meant that they didn’t fit my nails 100% perfectly width wise but they still looked pretty good.


i loved how simple they were and they lasted a whole weekend. I doubt on me they’d last much longer with working in labs and they did start to wear. They would be absolutely perfect for a wedding or hen weekend and I’d buy them in future for this, especially the summer ones with floral patterns like this!


I really like how all of the nails are unique; i could never recreate my own version of this with nail polish so i love the flexibility nail wraps give you.

Have you tried Ted Baker nail wraps? What did you think?

You can find them at Boots for £7.50 and there are four different versions available!

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