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If you’ve been following us on twitter or reading our fitness posts then you will be aware that we both took part on a Tough Mudder challenge two weeks ago.

If you don’t know what a TM challenge is then here’s a quick run down; each course is designed by Special Forces and is between 10 and 12 miles long. There are roughly 20 obstacles on each course but this could vary, particularly if you have completed a TM course before as you will have additional obstacles available to you that first timers do not.

The obstacles vary in their challenges; you could be required to climb a wall, swim through ice, crawl underground, jump off a plank into water or run through electric wires. You don’t find out until the week before what the course is like nor which obstacles you will have to endure.

Here a few snaps from our day!


Hold your Wood3

Kiss the Mud1



The official photos from the day are great and provided free which is always good. As events like Cardiff Half you have to pay for the photos. TM is really all about team work and you come away feeling like you’ve really achieved something and even if you didn’t fully know your team at the start you will at the end.

It’s such a friendly environment all the way around and everyone helps everyone on the obstacles which is great. As things like the 10 feet walls (one of the hardest obstacles for me!) were fine at getting people over but without the help of other teams your last person wouldn’t be able to do it.

It’s definitely something that pushes you to your limits but all of us that did it totally loved it and can’t wait for next years south west event to do it all over again. We’ve all said we’d tailor our training differently if we did it again so here is some of our advice.

  • Road running isn’t all that helpful. The course is very hilly, after obstacles this is especially tiring. As much as possible run on hilly routes and uneven ground. It’s a lot of running through wooded areas so over rocks and twigs.
  • You need the upper body strength. (We both tried hard to do this!) Think press ups and pulls up. These sort of movements help build the strength you’ll need for the day especially to be able to pull yourself over some of the smaller walls. Luckily the boys helped us with this.
  • A good general fitness level. There is no point focusing on one thing. The next day everything hurt including the abs. This course uses every muscle!
  • You will complete. Friend of ours had previously told us it was more of mind over body and towards the end it really was. When every part of you aches and you’ve been going for over 3 hours it’s hard to get the energy to do some of the obstacles but you will find the strength to do them.
  • Have a good supportive team around you. A few tall strong men will be helpful on the day!

Have you ever done Tough Mudder? We can’t wait for next year!

Love L & M


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  1. Beauty Bird
    August 31, 2014 / 1:42 pm

    Well done guys! Great pics xx

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