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Good morning!

Today’s post is about some bargain treats that I picked up from everyone’s favourite cheap food store….Lidl. Their beaut stock is always a hit and miss, shambles of an area but I’ve been seeking out some hidden gems in the hair products and felt I needed to share these.


I picked up the Oz Botanics Deep Conditioner and the Macadamia Oil Extract Conditioner both of which were £1 each, absolute bargain.

First up under scrutiny was there Oz Botanics deep conditioner:


First off you can’t go wrong with a huge post of what is essentially a hair mask. I dived right in with this one as my hair has been looking a bit nasty recently; highlights, a bit of sun and general wear and tear on my long locks have begun to take their toll.

I jumped in the shower and scooped a load of this onto my head, left it for a few minutes whilst showering and scrubbing before rinsing it out.


It sounded so promising; ‘manage dry and damaged hair by smoothing split ends and roughened cuticles’

Sadly this was not the case. After applying this to my hair and rinsing it out the product felt quite thick and sticky on my hands, and my hair just felt coated rather than hydrated.

Even after extra rinsing and drying my hair as usual it felt coated and so I can’t say I’ll be rushing to use it again! It was worth a try for £1 but this would be a miss from me.


My second pound purchase was the Macadamia Oil Extract conditioner, and I tackled this one with a little less enthusiasm than the first but was pleasantly surprised.



The packaging on this one was a little more inventive and decorative but definitely cheap, the wording was hard to photograph as it was so shiny and the writing was stretched but never mind eh!


After using this a few times my hair has felt nourished and revitalised somewhat and feels considerably better than when I used the deep treatment. I’ve been using this every time I’ve washed my hair for the last few weeks and haven’t experienced any build up so this was the obvious winner of the two for me.

For £1 for each it’s worth buying a few things to try even if they’re hit and miss! I’ve not seen these products in my local Lidl since so they were probably the last few palettes in a job lot, not surprising really!

I think Aldi have a more steady product range in the beauty department and having tried out their skincare before I will have to venture into their hair care too as Lidl seems to be a bit of a gamble……but who doesn’t like a bit of risk eh??

Have you tried either of these products? Do you have any recommendations for bargain products from Lidl or Aldi? Or anywhere else for that matter!

L xxx

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