Lush Cardiff Event

Hi all!

We’ve been super lucky recently and have been invited to a few events that we’ve really enjoyed and can’t wait to share with you.

The first one was at Lush in Cardiff and it has been such a long time since we’ve been there it was really lovely to be invited back.


After meeting everyone and having a quick catch up we were separated into groups. There were three separate stations for us to walk to and have a demonstration and also cake and tea at each station from Waterloo Tea Gardens.

Going to tea rooms is something me and M keep meaning to do and after trying this tea and cake we can be sure we will definitely be going to sample some more!


We wandered around upstairs first and were given a quick chat about the scents from Lush. I hadn’t smelt them before but i do love the large squirty bottles at the back of the tray that are used for body sprays, so fun and easy to use!

I love that they also have names like Smuggler Soul and a book to detail the journey behind the fragrances. i will have to go back for a full test but the packaging is very appealing!

A product that we came across but hadn’t seen before was the Black Stockings solid body tint; a gorgeous bar that melts on contact with skin and gives the skin a lovely sheen and slight tan. It would be great for use on nights out on your legs for a gleam without being glittery.



As promised here’s the cake; lemon and poppy seed, followed by a gluten free orange cake, and lastly a super sweet and sticky chocolate and salted caramel cake.


We also had a variety of tea to enjoy and this one was my favourite. Peppermint tea is my fave anyway but brewed with REAL peppermint leaves from Lampeter (a place in Wales) and a bit of brown sugar and it didn’t take much more to win me over anyway!


My hair has been feeling awful after so many years of highlights so recently I’ve dyed it back to my natural colour but it needs a bit of TLC so I picked up this hair treatment. I’m really looking forward to trying it and getting my locks back to their former glory!


M absolutely loved the Knot wraps that Lush now use instead of wrapping paper. We both thought it was a really nice and environmentally friendly way to give a gift, or as M did, pick one up for herself to use in her hair! There are quite a few options for the prints and colours so you’re sure to find one you like and for £4.25 they’re a bargain!



We were lucky to come home with a goodie bag too so expect some reviews of these products soon. As well as the hair treatment we received a product from their new sun tan range (Sesame Suntan Lotion), a tester pot of their Dream Cream and the choice of one of their new self preserving products. I chose the Ocean Salt scrub and M chose Mask of Magnaminty so there will be reviews soon!



We also got given a bag of tea leaves from Waterloo Tea gardens so me and my mum are waiting for a time when we’re both in to make a pot and test it out!

Do you like Lush products? Have you tried out their new natural sun care range or new self preserving products?

It was lovely to catch up with everyone and hear about the new ranges and smell everything as usual.
We can’t wait to try them out and get to Waterloo Tea gardens and samples some more cake and tea too!

L & M xxx

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