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Everyone who’s anyone has heard of Origins and their fabulous Ginzing range. I’m a bit of a fan myself having loved both their eye cream and face cream and have previously posted about them here and here.

When I had a £10 off voucher sent to me for my birthday I umm’d and aah’d about what to get. I could always buy something from them but I wasn’t running out of anything and didn’t want to go overboard with my spending.

Eventually I settled on picking up Eye Doctor, my favourite eye cream for my sensitive eyes but wait, what a shame, it required a £50 spend to redeem the £10 off and the eye cream wasn’t enough. As soon as my eyes fixed on this face mask I knew it would be my latest addition.



The Ginzing range is all about brightening, refreshing and energy boosting.

With this in mind it was only a matter of time before they brought out more in the range which has proved to be very popular.
This refreshing face mask is designed to be used in the morning, for example during your morning shower, where you can apply to skin for 10 minutes or so before removing.


The mask itself is quite a thick gel mask containing coffee beans for an energy boost, cucumber ot help refresh and Hoelen mushroom to soothe skin. This all combines to give your skin the ‘get up and glow’ that tired and dull skin needs in the morning.

I’ve been using the mask a few times a week for the last couple of weeks to see its effects. In the morning i love nothing more than a bit of citrus; things like Original source lemon or lime shower gels are amazing. i absolutely love this wash for the same reasons, citrus scents just wake you up and get you feeling happy! 

Applying this to my face did seem to make my skin feel a bit brighter, whether this was temporary i don’t know as i do always put make up on afterwards but my complexion was definitely brighter on a number of occasions after using this mask.

I also think it helped my complexion by keeping it nice and clear; this could be because of leaving it on for 10 minutes at a time and allowing it to fully penetrate the skin but it had a positive effect on my skin.


The tube of Ginzing Face Mask comes in at £23 for 100ml which is quite pricey but if you’re only using it a few times a week you shouldn’t run out of it too fast. It’s a lovely treat and I think particularly over the spring and summer months it’s been lovely to use this in the mornings as an extra boost when the weather is occasionally sunny!


For me it hasn’t been a necessary part of my skincare routine as I’m already obsessed with Checks and Balances cleanser, Modern Friction and the whole Make a Difference range, plus Night-a-Mins and pretty much all the other masks and eye creams. I’m sure Origins won’t mind if I only buy this one when I’m feeling flush, right?

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  1. Beauty Bird
    September 5, 2014 / 8:32 pm

    I didn't realise there was a face mask in the GinZing range. This sounds nice but like you said maybe not an essential xx

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