Review: Laura Mercier Honey Bath Creme Brulee

Morning All

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. Where is this week going! It’s been a busy few days for me and after doing the half marathon on Sunday I feel exhausted already.

After not really training as much as I should have (having not run more than 6 miles/not at all the month before) I finished the race in a lot of pain and after 10 miles some injuries.

I’m still aching now but on Monday nught decided I deserved a proper treat bath.

When the Space NK offer was on I decided to pick up the Laura Mercier Honey Bath as it’s not a luxury I’d normally spend on.



I went for Creme Brulee as I’m a fan of sweet vanilla type smells. This actually really reminds me of Lush’s honey I washed the kids soap.

Honey baths come with a cute little wooden stick which you use to dip in the produxt and then swirl that under the tap to create bubbles. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this product and whether or not I’d get a bubbly bath or more of a sweet smelling relaxing one.


When run under the tap honey bath creates nice thick bubbles. I tend to use two-three sticks of it for a bath. So far I am loving it. It smells amazing and gives a lush bath. The downside is definitely the price tag. I do think as a present I’d love It.

Are you a bath person? Would you consider splashing out a little? I’m hoping it’ll last a while.

Love M


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