Urban Decay Perversion and Subversion Mascara and Lash Primer

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As I’m sure you are well aware Urban Decay are pretty awesome. We’re both big fans on here and probably own the majority of their stock between us (addicts!).

When I went in recently to pick up the Pulp Fiction palette I was made aware of the £50 spend = £10 in points at Debenhams and well, it would have been SO RUDE not to snap up some more product goodness for my already overflowing stash.


Say hello to Perversion and Subversion, the bigger, blacker, badder mascara and lash primer that UD have recently released. This combo packet comes in at £17 and there are a limited amount available so I’d snap them up pretty quick if I were you! 




I cannot fault the packaging and the wording on the boxes; it draws you in and makes you want it no matter how much you may not need ‘another mascara’. I didn’t think I needed but still ended up with it in my basket!

I love the black/white, night/day, bad/good, devil/angel vibes that these products give off. The good guy is Subversion, the white coloured lash primer used before Perversion, the black mascara giving you the biggest, baddest, blackest lashes. Perversion is their most highly rated 24/7 liner pencil producing the most pigmented colour you have ever seen. It’s not surprising that they’ve produced a mascara to match given how popular it is.

The inside packaging matches the outer boxes and the two products look really good together.



They call Subversion ‘foreplay’ for lashes, a whipped, creamy primer that conditions and primes for mascara application. They say it works by adding weight to your lashes and giving the mascara something to hold onto. The thicker brush allows it to coat your lashes from root to tip for even coverage.

The Subversion primer contains panthenol and vitamin E whilst also being paraben and fragrance free to keep your lashes in tip top condition.


Perversion mascara is a mascara that’s not too wet, and not too dry. It glides through lashes providing even coverage and ‘insane control’. You can apply so many coats of mascara and it still doesn’t clump or get brittle. The formula contains Hairdensyl, a blend of proteins and amino acids. Marine glycogen stimulates lash growth, honey extract provides deep nourishment, sea idrolised elastine stimulates the hair follicle and marine collagen products.

Again the massive volumising brush manages to grab every lash leaving a clump free even coating of product for a beautiful finish.


So after all that jargon, what does it actually look like?

The photo below shows the primer on my lashes on its own. It starts off being white but does dry to clear and seems to absorb into your lashes which is good. It was hard to focus on the lashes with my phone but you can get the general idea!


More importantly, with Perversion mascara applied on top:


How amazing?!

I absolutely love the effects, and this is with 1/2 coats which is my normal day to day wear. I could easily apply additional coats and still not get any clumping but would get additional volume and length.

You can see below there are absolutely no clumps whatsoever, just bigger, badder and blacker lashes which is the ultimate goal.


This mascara and primer duo are 100% worth the cash. I’m interested to see if the primer would work as well with other mascaras and I’m yet to try that and see if it has such a good results.

But I would definitely recommend this product for the effects, I can easily add extra layers of mascara without clumping or brittle pieces falling off and they don’t feel crunchy either, which is something I really hate!

Have you tried Subversion or Perversion? Do you rate lash primers? Are you a fan of the highly pigmented Perversion range?

They’ve got me hook line and sinker, it’s a firm favourite in my make up bag now and I can’t see it leaving any time soon. I like it when a random purchase becomes a new favourite!

L xxx

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