Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Lipstick and Lip Liner

Good morning!

It’s almost the weekend hooraaaaay!

And with a new weekend means a new lipstick – obviously.

I’m a rather big fan of Tarantino and his weird and wonderful ways; there’s nothing more classic than Pulp Fiction, I’ve always wanted to wear a white shirt and black trousers on a night out and hit up the dancefloor. It’s even more of a must now that I have the official Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace lipstick and liner from none other than the absolutely amazing Urban Decay. It is bordering on obsession with my collection but hey ho, I could be a drug addict and that’s clearly a lot worse mum ok??



The packaging is spot on, matte black and with the PF logo on it. The lipstick itself is a Revolution Lipstick which we already know from the lovely Native lipstick we were given previously is a top quality, super pigmented and creamy lipstick that just lasts and lasts. The colour itself is the most perfect blood red shade that Mrs Mia Wallace sports in the film in her totally badass ways.




The packaging itself is pretty badass and is a black gunmetal shade instead of the lighter pewter colour of the normal range. The lipstick bullet itself just looks so creamy and perfect, it was hard to use it the first time as it was so pristine but alas, that feeling didn’t last long and I soon had it on my lips!




My absolute favourite part of all the packaging?





The most infamous quote of the entire film goes right from one end of the box to the other and honestly, opening this up was one of my favourite ‘ooooh’ moments. Make up really does excite me that much, and details like this even more so. Studying forensics is all in the details and these always impress me.



As for the lip liner, in the exact same packaging the 24/7 liner helps to create a pout worthy of Mrs Wallace by preventing feathering and defining your lip line for the lipstick to be placed on top. I don’t own a red lip liner and this one has been invaluable now that the weather is turning a bit colder and the darker lip colours are coming out. And it really does glide, no dragging on the skin whatsoever!




The colours are perfectly matched as you would expect and you can see them swatched on my hand below with the colours from the matching eyeshadow palette I also had to snap up. See how perfect the line is from the pencil:


I’ve been wearing this lipstick and liner a few times recently and have been super impressed. Honestly, once they’re on and have dried they do not budge, not even the tiniest little bit.

The photo below was taken after the NYR event in Bristol a few weeks ago. I had eaten, drunk, talked and drunk some more and 6 hours later my lipstick still looked as perfect as when I first applied it:


Excuse the excitement; drinking on trains seems to get me quite giggle!

Even when I’d had a few more cocktails and got home later without reapplying once the colour was still completely perfect on my lips. It looked like it had stained my lips but using micellar water the colour came right off.


I’m 100% obsessed with this and cannot leave it alone. This time last year I just about wore red lipstick on occasions but now my collection has grown to about 8 dark red and berry shades!

This Mrs Mia Wallace is such a classic colour and the liner is perfection, no dragging and defines the lip line with ease.

I’d suggest you all run out and get it asap if only for the beautiful packaging, they cost £15 for the lipstick and £13 for the liner. Money well spent if you ask me!

Did you buy anything from the Pulp Fiction collection? Do you love the reds closer to the winter months?

L xxx

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